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We want to know: What are your favorite glasses?

The #myfavoriteglasses Project was started by Carissa Dunphy (@opticiannow) as a relatable and personal collaborative effort project for ECPs to give a little love to the glasses that make them feel smart, attractive, inspired or even sexy! To participate, share a photo of yourself, tag the brand you’re wearing, and hashtag it #myfavoriteglasses and we’ll continue to like, reshare and collect them all here.

Here, a mother-daughter team show their love for eyewear from TC Fit and Miu Miu.

A vote for INVU.

Tom Ford for the win.

The Halsey from 141 Eyewear excels as a “go-to style for a perfect, smaller fit” in the case of a narrow PD.

+1 for the 15206 c05 from Alpha Opticians.

Here the Brubeck by L.A. Eyeworks is paired with Varilux X-Fit progressive lenses.

This frame is The Danny from Original Penguin, available via Kenmark Eyewear.

Frame: Carolina Herrera (VHE851K).

Lens: Eyezen, Transitions Gen 8 Brown, Prevencia AR.

Daniel Brunson loves the 000 from Masunaga.

This vintage French one-off frame has that je ne sais quoi.

Tash the Visionary (@tash_thevisionary) finds that this pair from Warby Parker is perfect for a day at the beach.

Vintage Dior frames with a stylish tint.

The Febo from Tree Spectacles.

Big, bold and beautiful frames.

Sophia Pray shows off one of her favorite selections.

The Norton from Barton Perreira turned into a bit of a love story.

Danny Hill of Queensbury, NY, is a fan of these frames from Laibach York.

These suns from Gucci proved to be an all-time favorite for Mikki Collins.

The Face a Face Freez 2 is a popular choice.

This optician couple found a winning combo in the Diff Maxwell and the Eco Hari.

The right combination of frames, lenses and coating make this pair an everyday favorite.

You don’t have to look far for a favorite pair of eyewear when bespoke eyewear is your profession.

This favorite pair features unique custom lenses.

You can’t go wrong in these veratile tortoiseshell frames from Ditae.

Anne & Valentin delivers on summer fun with these lemon suns.

Choosing a favorite was not easy, but the final call was Newstory 7 from François Pinton Paris in color Zp, with Hoya Vision Care Single Vision iQ lenses with EX3 AR coating.

At Occoquan Optical in Prince William County, VA, The Vinyl from Francis Klein Paris is a favored choice.

Dr. Lili Liang of Vancouver shows off an example from a new eyewear line she’s developing.

Florida-based optician Raymond Castro loved his Laibach & York Amsterdam frames in purple.

The Giorgio Armani AR7074 in crystal is No. 1 — at least for this week!

Funoogles allow for mixing and matching.

Newest is always best.

Dr. Sathi Maiti of Seattle loves the SEE 5376 from SEE Eyewear.

Matt Smith of That Glasses Guy Optique De Luxe in Chattanooga, TN, is particularly proud of these frames that have “@thatglassesguy03” engraved inside.

Carissa Dunphy shows off her own contribution to the #myfavoriteglasses project.

Calana of Binyon Vision Center in Bellingham, WA, shows off the Face a Face Bahia 3 in color 4321.

James of Binyon Vision wears a favorite selection from Erkers.

Sarah of Binyon Vision like the Face a Face Anouk in color 1682.

Caitlin of Binyon Vision is a big fan of the Face a Face Freez 2 in pink green.

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