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Yep … uh huh … OK … completely understand.

Don’t worry, my time is not valuable at all!

Retail workers eventually develop a tough outer shell. But not at first.

It’s an expression that captures several emotions … none of them good.

People perceive retail workers in lots of different ways. Maybe there’s a bit of truth in all of them.

Retail math seems a little different sometimes.
People perceive retail workers in lots of different ways. Maybe there’s a bit of truth in all of them.

Enough said.

Because I’ve, like, literally never heard that line before.

Ah, the small but poignant pleasures of retail.

You can see it in his eyes. This one is destined for optical retail greatness.

Employee of the year material here.

At least once a week, you’ll meet the “zany” customer who breaks off this crusty old cash-register joke.

In their effort to populate each work shift, sometimes store managers can become a wee bit single-minded.

Customer service means completely different things to different people.

Why do customers always seem to think you’ve got an Amazon warehouse out back?

Often, this client threat doesn’t have the earth-shaking power they think it does.

Working in retail means never knowing when the terrible-customer bomb is going to blow up our day.

Admit it. You feel this way too.

On a bad day, serving clients can cause severe brain trauma. But they’re not all bad days, people … right? Right?

Where is your empathy, man?

Sometimes you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Or both.

Retail can be a land of extremes.

Show off your multitasking prowess somewhere away from my register, please.

Would it kill people to respect our labors just a little bit?

In retail, patience is more than just a virtue. It’s a downright necessity.

Yeah, um … no.

“Look, I’m really slammed right now. Could we talk later?”

Ever feel like you’re not truly being heard?

“I’d love to help you with that, but I have to be somewhere — anywhere — else right now.”

Hey, sometimes you’re just in the zone.

Introducing “The Customers”, and they’re here to spin a few of their greatest hits!

Every retail employee would love to be able to stop fake-guffawing at this common customer quip.

One of the most terrifying moments in retail is when you have to tell a client that something will cost more.

When this happens, the excitement can be hard to control.

Ice Cube tells us what’s a good day in the world of retail service.

That look on your face when you experience one of retail’s most poignant moments of schadenfreude.

Some days, our conversational skills just aren’t there. And when that happens, this happens.


Oh yeah, you gotta love those big-box customer service attitudes.

This Sandra Bullock Bird Box capture nicely represents the relationship of some people with new retail technology.

Sometimes, in the heat of retail battle, it’s a struggle to keep your game face on.

Nerves can get frayed at the end of a long shift.

It’s like the Michael Corleone quote: “Just when I thought I was out, they puuuullll me back in!”

No matter how badly you want to say this aloud, you mustn’t.

Oh, it feels so good.

A few years in retail can change the way you look at people.

Kill them with sweetness.

Some of us are math-challenged. And when customers do this one thing, it makes us nuts.

Please. Don’t. Please. Don’t.

This meme perfectly captures what is probably the single most awkward moment in all of retail.

Star employees always walk a little taller than the non-stars, don’t they?

Ever have one of these clients? Of course you have.

Optical retail’s ultimate jump scare.

In retail, it typically doesn’t take long for angry clients to start, uh, unburdening themselves.

Spongebob coolly deflects another common customer ruse.

On the rare occasion that clients do this, you’ll wish you were wearing a hazmat suit.

Oblivious, entitled young employees … you gotta love ’em.

Musafa and Simba offer a poignant insight into the retail work schedule.

It gets real intense out there in the retail war zone.

Look on my nametag, ye mighty, and despair!

2000 called. It wants to return its shirt.

61 Funny Memes About Life in Retail

61 Funny Memes About Life in Retail

Yep … uh huh … OK … completely understand.