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Who is offering it, what they are offering, and where you can get it … all in one place. We will add to this gallery as we receive new information. Send additions to

WHO: Hilco Vision
WHAT: Hilco Vision has several solutions for ECPs looking to make their businesses safer for patients and staff alike. Their OptiPlus+ Anti-Fog Lens Wipes provide a convenient way to prevent glasses and face shields from fogging up in a single-use towelette application that is a combination lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment all-in-one that works with all lens types including AR coated lenses. The company also offers 100% Made in the USA Safety Eyewear. OnGuard’s 100% Made in the USA Rx Safety Eyewear is a great solution for keeping patients’ eyes protected with non-conductive material, replaceable bridges, comfort fit temples and an optional full seal. Hilco also offers UV Sanitizer Cabinet using a UV-C germicidal bulb (antibacterial and antiviral) and built-in timer that sanitizes eyewear making it safe for patient fitting. The sanitizer come with hardware to mount in to the wall or non-slip rubber feet for tabletop use.

WHO: EyeBridge Consulting Associates and ImageMark Business Services

WHAT: ImageMark has created floor stickers for social distancing, hand-washing reminders for restrooms, banners for sharing office protocols, face masks and shields, hand sanitizer and other PPE (some of which can be branded), and they have a disinfectant that is FDA-approved for killing the COVID-19 virus. Another benefit of the collaboration is that products are available customizable and “on-demand” through a secure web portal. There are no minimum amounts to purchase, making it easy and affordable for small eye care practices as well as large doctor alliance groups. Additionally, a percentage of sales from eye care products will be donated to the American Optometry Association’s Optometry’s Fund for Disaster Relief to help eye care practices were damaged during public unrest.


WHO: Q-Vision Optics

WHAT: Q-Vision Optics, distributers of LouisLuso eyewear, through their sourcing partners in South Korea and China are importing quality medical supplies at competitive pricing. Their products come from established suppliers within the medical industry and include various COVID-19 approved masks, face shields, gloves and sanitizer.


WHO: Essilor

WHAT: Essilor has launched Essilor Anti-Fog Solutions to provide comfortable, uninterrupted vision to wearers. The Essilor Anti-Fog Solutions portfolio consists of two products: Essilor Anti-Fog AR and Optifog.

WHERE: Eyecare providers looking for more information on Essilor Anti-Fog Solutions can reach out to their Essilor Account Executive or visit

WHO: ClearVision Optical

WHAT: ClearVision Optical has launched a collection of Personal Protective Equipment.
ClearVision will be offering several categories of PPE for purchase on the CVO website, including: Masks — disposable 3-Ply, KN-95 and streetwear cotton face masks, face shields — both basic and their proprietary ClearShield, Nitrile gloves, anti-fog goggles, infrared forehead thermometers, sneeze guards — countertop and reception, and pupilometer breath shields. Additional PPE items will be added to the site in the coming weeks. Along with availability on the company’s website, ClearVision’s sales consultants will be informing existing accounts about their PPE offerings part of their OneSource advantage.


WHO: Polaroid Eyewear

WHAT: As an expansion of Safilo’s STAY SAFE collection, Polaroid has added a protective shield sized for children ages 6-12 which is expected to be available as of mid-July.


WHO: Quantum Innovations

WHAT: Here’s a UV light tabletop unit from Quantum. Quantum has shifted operations during COVID-19 in order to ship thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, thousands of face shields, KN95 masks, and other PPE. Products include masks, shields, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, non-contact thermometers, and other products.

WHERE: (888) 268-3414 or

WHO: Andy Wolf

WHAT: ANDY WOLF CARE offers an environmentally friendly, alcohol-free and completely non-toxic disinfectant for ultrasonic baths and surfaces – BASOWELL 710. Gentle on glasses and skin, BASOWELL 710 cleans and disinfects every pair of glasses in no time. An ultrasonic bath isn’t even necessary, a simple container is enough as long as the glasses are completely immersed. BASOWELL 710 can also be used for door handles, floors etc., simply use a spray bottle or a microfiber cloth soaked with BASOWELL 710. Rinsing with water is not necessary.


WHO: DAC Technologies

WHAT: DAC Technologies introduces DAC-UV Sanitizer, a compact-size tabletop unit that uses UV-C technology to kill more than 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and bacterial spores in 55 seconds. This proven sanitizer has been used in over 700 hospitals nationwide for several years and tested for disinfection effectiveness in an FDA-approved facility. This safe, easy-to-use, one-button-operation unit sanitizes eyeglasses, frames, sunglasses, mobile phones, tablets, masks, keys, pens, as well as dispensing tools like pliers, screwdrivers and more.

WHERE: (800) 800-1550 or

WHO: Kasperek USA Optical

WHAT: A proprietary anti-fog solution formulated and manufactured in Ohio. It’s been rigorously tested for performance and has won several awards for its reliability. In one test, a lens treated with Kasperek’s anti-fog solution was held over constant hot steam for 60 minutes without fog forming — similar products failed in as little as 5 minutes. In another test, lenses were moved between cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming. Available in a 2oz bottle one bottle works for hundreds of applications.

WHERE: Contact Bryan Reedy at or (734) 231-2004

WHO: Western Optical Supply

WHAT: Elbow Bump Hand Sanitizer is manufactured in the USA in strict compliance with the World Health Organization’s requirements of 80% denatured alcohol combined with glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and purified water. “Elbow Bump” hand sanitizer was formulated following FDA guidelines with a qualitative testing analysis performed by Sandia National Laboratories. Elbow bump is available in lots of two 32 ounce bottles for $27.95.

WHERE: (505) 455 – 1100 or

WHO: Dalloz Creations Safety

WHAT: Dalloz Creations has launched a new range of end product called X’TREM PROTECT VISORS. The collection offers three different PPE category III, optical class 1 visor designs to protect against droplets and liquid splashes. Compatible with wearing glasses, masks and hygienic caps, they are reusable and disinfectable. The clear polycarbonate injected face shields filter UV400 and feature an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment to improve durability and prevent fogging. Made in France, the visors are currently available in white, four additional colors will be added in June.


WHO: PurDefense

WHAT: An American-owned company with warehouses in California and Georgia, PurDefense’s catalog of in-stock and ready to ship PPE includes 3-ply disposable face masks, KN95 respirators (protection level FFP2), hand sanitizer (80% alcohol concentration) and refill bottles for hand sanitizer (8oz. and 16oz.). They have hand sanitizer stations in development and are offering volume discounts for orders over 20K pieces.



WHAT: LA LOOP has launched LA MASK, the first hand-designed solution to the difficulty of keeping track of our masks. Handmade in Los Angeles, LA MASK can be purchased with or without a mask. When worn with a mask, LA MASK hangs from one’s neck with the mask hanging against the chest so it is ready to be put on at a moment’s notice. When the mask is removed (by unclipping the clasps) LA MASK is a necklace or can be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. The Vintage masks collection by LA MASK uses vintage fabrics like Guatemalan Indigo, seersucker blue and white pin striped cotton and Italian linens. The Classic collection masks are 100% cotton blend. All fabrics are pre-washed.


WHO: Futureye Co. Taiwan

WHAT: Face shields, protective glasses and goggles.


WHO: From the Studio Optyx family (NW77th Eyewear and Erkers 1879), PPE Supply House is the result of repurposing the brand’s warehouse and facility in Saint Louis, MO, to supply and distribute PPE products as quickly.

WHAT: Hand sanitizer, face shields, cloth masks, disposable masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, no contact thermometers and protective goggles. Visit the site for full catalog.


WHO: Luxottica Group’s new “Shield Your Eyes” initiative, featuring a curated collection of products that provide greater coverage around the eye area.

WHAT: Oakley’s Shield Your Eyes collection, a mix of iconic models that feature a wider coverage area, as well as a selection of models that are certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For the first time, consumers will also have access to Luxottica’s ESS brand which includes eyewear designed and distributed for military, first responder and industrial use and certified as PPE. For decades, ESS has sold eyewear that have met or exceeded the most stringent U.S. military testing standards.


WHO: Wiley X

WHAT: In additions to donating thousands of pieces of PPE frontline workers, Wiley X is operational and actively taking orders for face shields that come equipped with a protective PET plastic shield with an anti-fog coating, elastic strap, and brow foam which allows a universal fit, nitrile gloves, protective eyewear, protective goggles, and KN95 masks. Wiley X is also taking orders for their regular lines of protective eyewear.


WHO: OptiSource “SAFETY FIRST” PPE Product Category

WHAT: OptiSource has created a new product selection customized to help optical businesses safely open to the public during COVID-19 and beyond. Their SAFETY FIRST selection includes: disposable and reusable face masks, plastic face shields, acrylic breath guards for slit lamps and pupilometers, safety glasses, reception desk plastic splash guards, Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, Alcohol Prep Pads, Hand Sanitizer, and Kimberly-Clark disposable wipes. Many of these new items are proudly made in the USA and additional sanitizing and protection items will be added.

WHERE: 1-800-678-4768, email:, or online store:

WHO: VSP Global

WHAT: VSP Global has leveraged its alternative manufacturing capabilities to design, manufacture, and distribute protective face shields free of charge to its network eye doctors. The VSP Face Shield is part of an initiative to provide VSP network doctors with access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and other relevant resources as they serve essential eye care needs, and is designed to provide full-face coverage and be comfortable when worn for extended periods. It fits over eyewear or a face mask, and flexes to adapt to the unique contours of the wearer. It can be easily disassembled and sanitized for re-use.


WHO: MODO Eyewear M Factory branded Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

WHAT: FDA approved, the offering consists of KN95 masks, disposable face masks, face shields, vinyl and nitrile gloves, as well as hydrogen peroxide wipes. All supplies will be added to MODO’s B2B ordering site.


WHO: Safilo’s PPE Protective Eyewear Solutions program

WHAT: Safilo’s PPE Protective Eyewear Solutions program consists of four items with a focus on speed to market. One is offered under the Safilo corporate logo which is widely available for ECPs. Additional options for Safilo’s Smith and Polaroid brand are also offered. The collection includes three full face shields, one with a wrap-around goggle with an optional Rx compatible ocular docking station, and one safety shield option.

WHERE: Contact your local Safilo sales representative, visit: or, or call: 1-800-631-1188 (USA) and 1-800-387-7234 (Canada).

WHO: Rochester Optical Manufacturing

WHAT: Reusable Spectacle-Mounted PPE Full Face Shield that would work with most personal eyeglasses. Each kit comes with one face shield and one eyeglasses retainer cord for $5.00/set. If the person does not wear glasses, a simple spectacle frame can be supplied for $10 each. The eyeglasses cord will retain the full face shield tight on the person’s head. The face shield can be wiped cleaned outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day. The full face shield can also be another barrier/deterrent to people touching their faces, often are done naturally and are subconscious responses.

WHERE: (585) 254-0022

WHO: In Office Sterilization, a new division from Eye Designs

WHAT: Eye Designs has secured exclusive distribution agreements for the optical industry with EMIST, manufacturers of electrostatic sprayers, and Clean Republic, producers of EPA approved hospital grade non-toxic disinfectant and sanitizer. The Made in the USA EMIST patented Electrostatic Misting System allows disinfectant to be sprayed throughout the optical, waiting, reception, pretest rooms, exam lanes, on frames and entire practice using the least amount of cleaning solution necessary to disinfect any environment. While Clean Republic produces the most powerful EPA approved Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) Disinfectant + Sanitizing Solution on the market. The Clean Republic Hospital Grade Disinfectant + Sanitizer not only kills the COVID-19 virus but 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses. The solution is a 3-in-1 cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer that is eco-friendly, quick drying and leaves no toxic residue.

WHERE: or e-mail:

WHO: Eyefficient Breath Shield Store

WHAT: Slit lamp, phoropter and pupilometer breath shields for optometrists and ophthalmologists.


WHO: Pupilometer Breath Shield

WHAT: A straightforward kit that attaches to any pupilometer and helps to prevent breath exchange while doing pupilometry. The hinged design allows the pupilometer to lay flat when not in use. It’s wide enough to do the job, yet narrow enough not to interfere with your staff’s normal use of the instrument.


26 Ways to Stay Safer: An Optical PPE and Sterilization Resource Guide [New Updates!]

26 Ways to Stay Safer: An Optical PPE and Sterilization Resource Guide [New Updates!]

Who is offering it, what they are offering, and where you can get it … all in one place. We will add to this gallery as we receive new information. Send additions to