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PlanetVA Invests in The Optical Metaverse and Embraces the Transition to 3D Internet

The investment marks a significant shift for PlanetVA as it embraces the transition from the 2D internet to the 3D internet.




(PRESS RELEASE) PlanetVA, a leading provider of augmented reality solutions for independent optical retailers, has announced its investment in The Optical Metaverse, a platform that allows users to explore a virtual world of 3D eyewear models and human models or avatars. This investment marks a significant shift for PlanetVA as it embraces the transition from the 2D internet to the 3D internet.

Ludwig Heymbeeck, founder of PlanetVA, said, “We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative platform that is changing the face of the eyewear industry. We are constantly looking into incorporating advanced new technologies, such as ChatGPT and others, to improve the overall user experience.”

The Optical Metaverse soft launched in the first half of 2022 and shortly after, virtual integration with PlanetVA started in mid-2022. By the end of 2022, two optical stores were established in The Optical Metaverse, providing customers with a unique shopping experience.

The platform’s virtual try-on for eyewear is powered by 3D eyewear models and human models or avatars, enabling customers to see how different frames will look on their face in real time. In addition, the platform is gamifying the eyewear experience by introducing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in The Optical Metaverse, allowing customers to collect and trade unique virtual eyewear items.

The collaboration between PlanetVA and The Optical Metaverse has enabled customers to have a personalized shopping experience, with the B2B2C sales process more seamless through the interoperability of the B2B ecosystem that runs parallel to the phygital retail ecosystem. This integration makes it easier for optical retailers to manage their inventory, pricing, and customer data, enabling them to better serve their clients.

“We are thrilled to be working with The Optical Metaverse and Charlene Nichols to bring a new level of innovation to the optical retail industry,” said Ludwig Heymbeeck, founder of PlanetVA. “Our expertise in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, combined with The Optical Metaverse’s technology, allows us to offer customers a unique shopping experience.”


PlanetVA is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience, and the partnership with The Optical Metaverse is just the beginning. PlanetVA is actively seeking strategic partnerships with businesses that share its vision for enhancing the customer experience through innovative technology.

“The world is rapidly changing, and we must adapt to the changes to remain relevant,” Heymbeeck said. “We are excited to explore new partnerships and expand our reach globally.”

In March 2023, PlanetVA and The Optical Metaverse are launching a seamless quest that connects multiple optical destinations for an adventure in optics, including Virtual Try-on, FramesLibrary, and NFT collections. This experience will take customers on a journey that highlights the possibilities of the future of optical retail.


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