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What If I Told You a $15 Investment Could Double Your Business Revenue?

The power of a white board is where true innovation happens.




WE HAVE ALL SEEN, usually on a TV show, the infamous white board which we often associate with a tech company or school. Well, what if I told you white boards are where true innovation happens?

Having experienced the power of the white board myself, I want to share how a $15 investment helped me double my practice revenue, start a tech company, see where I have been, and give me a clear sense of where I am going.

My white board journey started with an idea my partner Dr. Jennifer Tabiza and I had to digitize the contact lens Rx and make it easy and convenient for patients to order their contacts from our offices. We pitched the idea to a patient of mine who was a developer who gave us a quote to build the program and away we went (man did we underestimate that one).

On our first day of “programming” Doug walked into my office, I pulled out my notebook and said, “Okay I am ready to start developing.” He laughed, looked around and said, “Where is your white board?” I did not have one but, having a store near my office, within 20 minutes I had it hung on the wall and away we went.

It is amazing, when you let your creative energy start flowing on a white board, the possibilities that arise. It is quick, easy, and the synapses that start firing when you allow them to will blow your mind.

We use this white board to develop programs and processes within the practice. We write down goals and ideas we have for the practice and create checklists of items we want to accomplish. It feels good to see your vision take shape and come to life all knowing it came from within.


Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Buy and hang up your white board.
  • Put on your schedule your “White Board Hour,” an hour a week of interrupted white board time. Don’t have an idea yet? Take a few deep breaths and the ideas will start flowing.
  • Title your white board and write the date. Pick one area of your practice you want to work on.
  • Get your staff involved. At your next staff meeting have someone else write ideas down on the board and watch everyone’s ideas start flowing.
  • Finished with your masterpiece or out of white board room? Take a picture, erase and start the process again.

Our practices are never done. That is why we call them practices. Allowing your vision to flow is the fun part. These sessions are powerful and will impact your practice for the better.

Once you stop innovating, your practice starts declining. Yes, you can coast but coasting only works on the way down while you look for your next mountain to climb. Most of us are visual learners and there is something to watching a plan take shape that encourages success.

Share a picture of your white board moments with our community!




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