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Why Creating Brand Ambassadors Among Your Staff Is The Most Authentic Form of Sales

And how they allow for your optical to utilize the power of referrals to transform the sales process.




IT’S LONG BEEN known that referrals are the very best form of advertisement. Many businesses offer spiffs to customers that refer friends and family because it is such a powerful growth tool.

There is no doubt that a referral is the best form of advertisement, but did you know it is also the best form of selling? The purest form of selling. You already sell via referral for great things in your life. Think of your friend group. When you last got together, was there talk about a new power tool or skin care item that someone thought was a total game changer? Maybe it was about a new app or a show on Netflix. Regardless, your pal was talking it up so highly, knew everything about it, and was so jazzed by the thought of it their excitement had you binge watching it that weekend. You did it because of the referral.

I have always encouraged my Spexy members to get excited about the glasses they’re selling. I had a conversation with Crowder Eye Center in Tennessee about lighting their opticians on fire for their beautiful independent brands. By our next meeting they had created “brand ambassadors.” They have a large team and quite a few story-worthy brands so rather than having everyone try to be on fire for every brand, which results in everyone being a jack of all trades and master of none, they created masters of specific brands. I have since been sharing this concept with other members and the results have been astounding.


A brand ambassador is an expert who knows everything about Brand X. They energetically speak to the weight distribution, show off the handmade hinges, and recite the purpose of the detailed filigree added to each frame style. They create the optical version of that friend who genuinely had their life changed because of that new book they read (which you just ordered and will be at your doorstep tomorrow morning.)

To create brand ambassadors:

1. Select the best brands in your optical. These are often the highest dollar brands. The independent brands. The brands that you brought in for a purpose.

2. Inform the team of this new initiative. Each member will be an ambassador for one brand (though one brand can have many ambassadors), and learn everything about it. They should rely on the brand’s webpage and sales rep with some hands-on training when the rep is in the office. Scan the QR code for a worksheet to print out for your team members to aid in gathering thorough information and asking great questions!

3. Share! The best way to learn is to teach. At your next few office meetings each ambassador will get up and present what makes their brand amazing. Only one is to be presented per meeting. If there is more than one brand ambassador per brand they should make separate presentations about it. Bonus points for energy and entertainment value!


4. By the time that brand ambassador has a patient or customer in front of them, they will not be able to contain their excitement and will be able to confidently share what makes the brand truly unique.

Referrals are powerful! We welcome referrals from our patients when they brag about our optical to their friends. We get excited to hear referrals about the latest products from our friends. Now I encourage you to use that same powerful tool to create the most authentic form of sales in your optical. Creating a brand ambassador will allow your optical to utilize the power of referrals to transform the sales process.



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