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Dry Eye Disease Is on the Rise, but So Are Ways to Alleviate and Treat It

As dry eye becomes more common, addressing it with these products and treatments allows ECPs to build a dry eye treatment specialty within their practice.




NEARLY 16 MILLION Americans suffer from dry eye disease, according to a 2019 study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. As dry eye becomes more common, addressing it allows ECPs to build a treatment specialty within their practice. LipiFlow and Restasis are the most well-known treatments but recently more heating devices, like TearCare and Systane iLux, have come on the market. Some treatments focus on reversing or managing a condition that’s causing dry eye. Others improve tear quality. The many products available cover prescription eye drops, to intense pulse light therapy, to punctal plugs.



TearCare is a blink-assisted device that applies heat to the eyelids.

(877) 266-1144 |

Systane lubricant eye drops


Systane lubricant eye drops deliver dry eye relief and hydration, and protect against tear evaporation.

(800) 241 5999 |

LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System heats away obstructions caused by meibomian gland disease and comes with a LipiScan device.

(800) 874 5278 |

SunPharma CEQUA_box-&-vial

Sun Pharma

CEQUA combines cyclosporine with NCELL technology.

(609) 720-9200 |

Lumenis Optilight device


OptiLight is the first and only IPL device approved by the FDA for the treatment of dry eye.

(877) 586-3647 |

VeraPlug FlexFit Punctal Occluder


The VeraPlug FlexFit Punctal Occluder allows for simple insertion.

(855) 857-0518 |

Biotrue Hydration Boost Lubricant Eye Drops

Bausch + Lomb

Biotrue Hydration Boost Lubricant Eye Drops are preservative-free.

(800) 828-9030 |

eye drop


A biologic ophthalmic eye drop that aids eye lubrication.

(877) 206-0706 |

Allergan Restasis


Restasis treats chronic dry eyes by helping to make more real tears.

(844) 469-8327 |

Smart Ways to Sell Dry Eye Products and Treatments to Your Patients

Casey Claypool, ODEmpire Eye Physicians, Spokane Valley, WA 

Casey Claypool, OD

We treat dry eyes proactively and preventatively. About 80% of the time the untreated dry eye patient thinks their symptoms are due to allergies, computer use, old CLs or ill-fitting glasses. We start with technician education. They provide a baseline during evaluation and show the patient meibography visuals using J&J’s LipiScan. Then the doctor checks gland production. Most patients have meibomian gland disease which we treat with LipiFlow and intense pulse light therapy. LipiFlow is my favorite in-office treatment; it’s convenient and the most efficacious at treating the underlying cause quickly. I also prescribe drops like Restasis and Cequa, topical steroids, omega-3 supplements, and oral anti-inflammatories. We schedule follow-ups to ensure patients are compliant and improving.

Vin T. Dang, ODFAAO, Empire Eye and Laser Center, Bakersfield, CA

Vin T. Dang, OD

We first do a comprehensive, dilated eye exam on the patient to identify any issues. For example, they may say their eyes are burning and they’ve been using artificial tears but they’re not working. If we find inflammation, I provide a topical steroid and ask them to come back within a month. Then, with a more specialized dry eye workup, I will do a detailed slit lamp exam, vital dyes staining and meibography. Treatment will depend on the outcome of these. In the most simplistic definition, I tell the patients that there are three different types of dry eye: aqueous tear deficiency, inflammation, and meibomian gland disease. I prescribe Cequa as a treatment if I determine there’s inflammation with an aqueous deficiency component.



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