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If You Could Be Someone Else for a Day, Would You?




If You Could Be Someone Else for a Day, Would You?

I am a curious person. Always have been. I was one of those kids that asked questions about everything. Turns out it is a good trait to have as a journalist.

I am incredibly curious about other people’s lives and what makes them tick. So, when I asked this month’s Buzz Session question – If you could live one “day in the life” of anyone, who would it be and why? – I was really looking forward to your responses (page 76). Being so interested in other people, I can’t imagine anything cooler than living someone else’s life for a day; seeing the world through their eyes, understanding their concerns and insecurities, and what brings them joy.

And boy, did your answers run the gamut! There was a lot of Donald Trump. I think some chose him earnestly, others ironically, but damn if I could figure out who. I was impressed by those who said Mother Theresa and wanted to know what it’s like to live so selflessly. Many named celebrities, understandably. A few even named their own relatives. What a perfect way to gain an appreciation for your loved ones’ point of view.

What surprised me was how many of you declined to name anyone, stating you were happy with your life. At first I thought it was a lame answer. After a day, you’d be back in your own life. How could you pass up that opportunity? For someone as curious as me it just did not compute. But in editing the piece, I realized that there is something beautiful in being content with who you are … not to mention the potential downside of becoming less satisfied with your own existence when you returned to it. So, kudos to you guys for being happy with exactly who you are!

I still think it would be pretty cool to be Blake Lively for a day though.


Best wishes for your business, 

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Dee Carroll


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This article originally appeared in the September 2018 edition of INVISION.      




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