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6 Ways to Make Your Patient Experience Memorable

It’s all about hitting them in the feels.




WHEN YOU THINK OF memorable experiences you tend to remember the times that you felt something. Creating a memorable patient experience is no different! Here are some ways to be memorable:

Active Listening

Pay attention to the patient from the moment they call for an appointment. Train your staff to take notes during this initial touch point and ask questions to understand what type of experience they are seeking. Once the patient is in your exam chair, you’ll have a “blueprint” of their expectations and can address the pain points that brought them in. Face them when they are talking and maintain eye contact.

Doctor Driven Dispensing

Whether you’re an owner or employee, doctor driven dispensing creates a memorable experience and drives loyalty through patient education of products. The clinical findings from the examination should be aligned with all the products you recommend and prescribe. You are the authoritative voice and experienced professional of the office; educate patients on why you are recommending a product and how it’s different from online retailers.


Storytelling can be an influential connector to your patients because it’s an emotional driver and memorable moments are created by emotions. It makes the patient experience a human experience. Be authentic.
Letting them know that your family member has the same issues with progressive lenses and what specific product you prescribed to solve it creates more value for your office than competing on price.


Market Memories

Online retailers like Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses. It creates a memorable experience for the patient because they know that their purchase will help others. Whether it’s a local charity event or mission trip, your office can do the same. Use your email database and social media platforms to educate your patients about your involvement in the community.

Follow Up

The patient experience does not end with the exam. Making a follow up call to a patient can make a lasting impression and has more impact than you think in developing the critical doctor/patient relationship. Set reminders in your EMR system to have your staff follow up one week, one month or six months on progressive adaptation or overall satisfaction with service or products. Document personal information — job information, children’s names, etc. — in their chart and mention it in your next exam.

Be Unique

Your unique style makes you memorable. Humor is a memorable factor. Don’t be afraid to have a different approach to patient care; humor will make you likeable and approachable to new patients. You want patients to feel comfortable; being funny is one way to do it. Your personality, humor, empathy, and attention to detail are your signature to the world. It speaks volumes; use it to create a memorable experience that no one can mimic because your “you” is unique.


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