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Xenon-VR Announces Name Change to Xenon Ophthalmics and Patents Granted

It uses patented advancements in Eye-Tracking Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.




(PRESS RELEASE) BELLEVILLE, NJ — Xenon-VR, Inc. of Belleville, New Jersey, USA, has officially changed its company name to Xenon Ophthalmics Inc. Zeshan Khan, president, founder, and CEO of the company, states, “The new name reflects our industry emphasis and expertise. It also capitalizes on our shift away from VR as our primary offering to customers while opening partnership opportunities with other leading VR technology companies to leverage our platform and its patented proprietary medical-grade technology.”

Xenon Ophthalmics uses patented advancements in Eye-Tracking Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, all integrated into a wearable medical-grade proprietary headset. In addition, the headset contains the company’s patented liquid lens technology, which can be tuned to fit each patient’s refractive error.

Recently, Xenon received patent approvals for technology supporting visual field and autorefraction (objective and subjective refraction) functions, all combined in a headset unit, allowing these tests to be conducted quickly and efficiently by the practitioner while in the office or while working remotely.

Unlike off-the-shelf headsets in the eye care marketplace, the Xenon unit is the first purpose-built medical-grade technology designed for the eye practitioner in mind, providing unlimited inherent diagnostic exams and meeting Goldmann perimetry standards.

For the eyecare professional, Xenon’s product offering increases office efficiency, space utilization, patient comfort, and the broadest range of tests compared to traditional visual field devices and earlier Virtual Reality (VR) units. As a result, ophthalmic and optometric professionals can work faster and more efficiently, allowing expanded patient care and enhanced revenue.

Xenon’s product incorporates the diagnostic capabilities of traditional ophthalmic examination devices such as phoropter, autorefractor, and visual field units.


In comparison, current VR headsets only provide screening exams such as visual field, visual acuity, and color vision.

Xenon’s diagnostic technology, coupled with a high resolution display that allows a large field of vision for users, enables functions of devices including auto refractor and digital phoropters, all while capturing Pupillary Distance (IPD).

Zeshan Khan continues, “We strive to set a new standard for all ophthalmic screening, diagnostic tests, and therapy in the wearable medical sector. Xenon Ophthalmics offers the only headset in the market and in the world that enables doctors to be in two locations simultaneously while providing telehealth solutions to the eye care sector.

Khan adds, “Our platform allows eye care professionals to examine patients virtually while performing imaging and lens adjustments in real time. Patients and doctors can now be in two locations throughout a comprehensive eye exam. Doctors can use our tablet to virtually control the headset and communicate with patients just as if they were in the same room. Our system will enable doctors to increase patient volumes and ROI. It has been established unequivocally that tele-optometry services and easier access to vision care makes people’s vision better and improves their lives.”

Khan concludes, “Our entire Xenon Ophthalmics team is excited to bring a new paradigm in medical-grade, ophthalmic diagnostic technology to the global eye care marketplace.”






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