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5 Tips You Need to Know When Going In for That Raise You Deserve

How to be an exceptional advocate for yourself at work as you strive to attain your career goals.




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(Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in ROWT Magazine titled: “Preparing to Ask for a Raise?”)

Each time a business contemplates a new hire, it must weigh the pros and cons, compare numbers, and measure what that potential employee might bring to the company based on their experience.

However, once you’re hired, it’s your job to keep track of your career progression within your company. So, when you think it’s time to discuss a raise or promotion, your employer will need evidence as to why you deserve it.

It is up to you to negotiate for yourself. Here are some tips that will help you prepare to be your best advocate and do just that:

Communicate Your Goals

You should make sure to have regular career development conversations with your manager. If your company is big enough, you also could ask someone to be your mentor.


Be open and willing to take constructive criticism from your manager and/or any mentors. Take their feedback and make any necessary changes required to reach your end goal. Then circle back to make sure your changes addressed the issue.

Regular communication about goals with your manager helps keep you both on the same page. It also can help you avoid feeling overlooked or resentful if you get passed over for a promotion without knowing why.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

If you find yourself hitting obstacles at work, try to identify the problem before calling your leadership team. Dissect the issue. Develop possible solutions.

This shows your leadership team that you can use critical thinking, you understand problem-solving, and you have the company’s best interest at heart. All this is accomplished while building trust in your team.



Be Realistic

Promotions typically come with increased responsibilities. You need to make sure you are committed and ready to take on this new challenge long before you start actively pursuing it with your management team.

Ask yourself…

Before asking about a raise or inquiring about a promotion, have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Ask yourself these questions. And answer honestly:

  • Are you regularly showing that you are responsible enough to take on this new task?
  • Am I already meeting and exceeding my monthly goals?
  • Does this get me closer to my career goal?

If you answer yes to each of these questions, then go for it! However, if the answer is no to any of them, you should pay close attention to areas that need more focus.


Tread carefully

Finally, it’s crucial to approach the conversation with your manager carefully. Avoid demanding a raise or promotion. Instead, present hard data and facts that support your request.

Just know that a good manager is always open to helping you grow. And a company worth staying with compensates you for that growth accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Learning to be your own advocate in your career is critical to both personal and professional growth!

As an employee, it is your responsibility to keep track of your career progression and communicate your goals to your management team. Before pursuing a raise or promotion, ensure that you are realistic with your goals and have evidence to support why you deserve it.

These conversations can be tricky. But you can give yourself a better chance at a positive outcome by taking the steps above to heart.

5 Tips You Need to Know When Going In for That Raise You Deserve

Photo Courtesy: ROWT Magazine


5 Tips You Need to Know When Going In for That Raise You DeserveMikki Collins is the founder and owner of ROWT Magazine.

She also works as a Business Development Lead with Safilo, and has more than a decade of experience within the optical industry.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram.




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