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Botaniq & Eastman Team Up for the Launch of Tritan Renew

See the world clearly, #NoFilter needed: BOTANIQ behind the lenses.




(PRESS RELEASE) ​As environmental challenges facing the planet are becoming increasingly pressing, there is an urgent need for action. ​​BOTANIQ know that making good choices matters today more than ever.​​ Therefore, BOTANIQ is committed to engaging in globally responsible practices to reduce the human impact on the earth and safeguard the health of our environment so future generations can enjoy this planet as much as we do.

What is BOTANIQ?

Introduced in 2020, Botaniq was born from the idea of creating an eyewear collection that would inspire people to make small changes in their daily lives which would add up to a significant impact over time.​

That’s when a group of passionate individuals came together with a clear objective: to create a brand that would offer eco-friendly eyewear, designed with the planet in mind that makes people feel good about their choices and look fantastic at the same time!

What’s Botaniq Mission?

BOTANIQ have a deep respect for the planet and want to ensure the future shines brightly for generations to come. The goal is to tread lightly on this earth and leave as little trace as possible by creating eco-friendly eyewear. BOTANIQ take these steps boldly to ensure its fully committed to creating planet friendly eyewear.

The Collection.
Step into the forefront of eyewear trends with Botaniq, where each handcrafted piece promises a burst of playful fun.
The collection is a lively palette of bold shapes and vivid colours inspired by the beauty of nature – think soft pink sunsets stimulating greens of the forest, passionate orange sunrises, brilliant purple pansies, and deep midnight blues.
Botaniq eyewear is not just beautiful and innovative; it’s a celebration of fun, style, and individuality.
Beautiful, intelligent, innovative.​


​End to end.

All packaging is recyclable. The paper and cardboard are from FSC sources, and the case can be folded flat so it’s efficient to ship.​
BOTANIQ have completed the full life cycle of the frames by offering recyclable packaging as well as receiving and sending used frames to Terracycle for proper recycling.

BOTANIQ pledge to plant a tree for every frame sold, working with One Tree Planted. And not just anywhere. One Tree Planted plant trees where reforestation is badly needed, restoring landscapes, building communities, and protecting habitats.

How Responsible?

For SS24 BOTANIQ has partnered with Eastman to unveil a true Responsible Vision for Eyewear.

BOTANIQ full 2024 range is now made with Eastman Acetate Renew for frames and Tritan™ Renew for the sun lenses resulting in highly responsible eyewear with exceptional look and feel consumers expect from traditional materials.
The Renew Circular Solutions from Eastman are made using the company’s breakthrough molecular recycling technologies that use hard to recycle waste in place of feedstock in the production process to achieve materials with high percentage of recycled content but no compromise on design possibilities, quality or performance compared to heritage materials.


Tritan Renew lenses are made with 50% certified recycled content1.
Acetate Renew frames are made with 28% recycled content1 and 42% responsible bio based content2 resulting in 70% responsible content.
Renew solutions from Eastman enable more responsible eyewear by allowing:
Waste Diversion: Eastman molecular recycling technologies uses different waste categories and waste streams, focusing on those that are not highly valued by, or cannot be processed by, mechanical recyclers, preventing waste to be disposed of in landfills, be incinerated or end up in our environment. Examples of waste processed are soft drink bottles, coloured an opaque plastic, carpet fibers or even polyester-based clothing.
Carbon Footprint: By processing waste instead of coal and preventing waste to be incinerated, Renew materials enable at least 20 to 50% improvement in carbon footprint compared to heritage materials.3
Reduced fossil fuels: By using plastic waste as feedstock to produce durable materials that are ideal for eyewear, Eastman recycling technologies leave fossil fuel in the ground, for a lower impact on the environment.
Responsible collection without compromising the style and the performance.
Acetate Renew used for frames gives life to Botaniq vibrant colours with the same quality, comfort and durability you expect from traditional acetate.
Tritan Renew for lenses offers exceptional clarity and resistance you need for durable sun wear.

Botaniq is now ISCC certified across both our optical and sunglass ranges. This license adds further value to our products, as it showcases our commitment to the sourcing of sustainable materials, transparency with our supply chain and provides credibility to our consumers.






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