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Do You Or Don’t You: Allow Pets In Your Business




Do you allow pets in your business?

This article originally appeared in the September 2015 edition of INVISION.


Because we are all animal lovers. It isn’t often that we have to accommodate these requests. Most of the time it’s people traveling with dogs. We have to allow for service dogs to begin with, so why not more? They brighten most people’s day. Cassandra Brackmann, Hedges Family Eyecare, Danville, IN

I love dogs and have no problem with them coming in for a visit with their “mom and dad” as long as they’re well behaved. Dog owners love being able to show off their babies! Paula Hornbeck, Eye Candy and Eye Candy Kids, Delafield, WI

I bring my poodle (Roxie) to work every day. She is an apprentice optician. Ha, ha! I do allow my clients to bring their dogs in, but only dogs. My store has sand on the showroom floor, so that’s not a good place for cats … they may think it’s a large litter box. Julie Uram, Optical Oasis, Jupiter, FL


Most are service animals, but we wouldn’t balk at a pet in the waiting room. We’d probably draw the line on a pony, unless it was American Pharoah. Dr. Texas Smith, Citrus Heights, CA

I have earned the trust of many patients by being dog friendly. Dr. Dennis Iadarola, Center for Vision Care, Monroe, CT

People are super attached to their dogs. To some women, telling them that they can’t bring in her dog is more disturbing than making their husbands wait in the car! Steve Nelson, Eye Candy Optical, Westlake, OH


Service dogs all day, every day. A mangy, flea bitten, non-house-trained mutt, no! Dr. Joseph Smay, Family Eye Care, New Kensington, PA


Too many people with allergies these days. If we allowed some to bring in pets, it would deter others from coming in at all. Plus, this is a medical facility and that really isn’t very sanitary. AJ Sweeney, Martin Eye Care, Smyrna, TN

We are seeing a trend of patients coming in with their dogs. In the past, we would see well-trained dogs for the blind, but for a small fee anyone can get a piece of paper stating your pet is an emotional support dog. This poses a concern for our staff and patients. We have seen dogs that are barking, unfriendly and not well-groomed. We have told our patients that we do not allow pets in our office, however, we have been challenged multiple times. There is a real gray area on this. I want to keep my patients and staff safe and yet not offend anyone or violate someone’s rights. I would love to know what others do. Toni Herron, Henry Ford OptimEyes, Westland, MI




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