Take it from someone who was once a bespectacled Ginger Spice—Halloween can be a struggle for the four-eyed. (Especially if you are without a back-up pair of contacts.) So why not incorporate your own glasses into your costume? Here are some ideas to help you win the costume contest, or at least bag some candy.


Cat costumes are popular, but a cat wearing cat-eye glasses takes things to a whole new, meta level.


MODEL: JF2720/JF Rey

JUST ADD: Ears, whiskers and a tail.

Photo Credit: Via blogger.com

Harry Potter

The boy wizard never gets old, especially with the recent re-release of the original movies in theaters and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out in November.


MODEL: Sigmund/neubau

JUST ADD: A robe and a stick.

Photo Credit: Via blogger.com

Iris Apfel

Channel the nonagenarian fashion darling with big specs, big jewelry and big color.

GLASSES STYLE: Oval and oversized.

MODEL: Dinkley/Spectacle Eyeworks

JUST ADD: A colorful caftan or tunic and lots and lots of jewelry, preferably chunky bangles and necklaces.

Photo Credit: Gabriel de la Chapelle


Be the life of the Halloween party as popular 80s sitcom character Steve Urkel. But don’t do his voice all night; you will annoy your friends and neighbors.

GLASSES STYLE: Double-bridge/Retro

MODEL: Tristan/Bon Vivant

JUST ADD: Suspenders.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Google “Ruth Baby Ginsberg” for inspiration.

GLASSES STYLE: Oval/Feminine.

MODEL: Eloquent/Geneviéve Boutique

JUST ADD: A black robe, a lacy jabot and a bun.

Steve Jobs

This is the costume to wear if you’re not sure anyone else will be wearing a costume.


MODEL: H132/Van Heusen

JUST ADD: A black turtleneck and an iPhone.

Holtzmann (from Ghostbusters)

Holtzmann was the breakout character from last summer’s Ghostbusters reboot and you will probably be seeing a lot of her—along with the original Ghostbusters gang—on Halloween night.


MODEL: Glacier/Vuarnet

JUST ADD: A jumpsuit, boots and a ghost busting “weapon” of some kind, made out of an old backpack and cardboard.

Garth (from Wayne's World)

It’s party time. Excellent.

GLASSES STYLE: Square/Wayfarer.

MODEL: Olivier/Zac Posen

JUST ADD: Wayne, a concert tee, a flannel shirt and bedhead.


Barb! Since #WeAreAllBarb, you might not win the prize for most original costume this Halloween, but you will certainly be on-trend. Other than presidential candidates, this year it’s all about Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things.

GLASSES STYLE: 80s Retro/Hipster.

MODEL: SL 1548/Sophia Loren

JUST ADD: Mom jeans, a Trapper Keeper and a friend who ditches you.

Bob Dylan

Refuse all costume contest prizes offered to you when dressed as reluctant Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan.

GLASSES STYLE: Wayfarer sunglasses.

MODEL: Gelt/Moscot

JUST ADD: A harmonica, a cigarette and a scowl.

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