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Hot Sellers: September-October




Hot Seller eyewear frames Nine West

Each issue, INVISION surveys ECPs around the country about which vision products are selling best in their stores/practices. Then we calculate the results and share them with you to give you a gauge of front-line sales activity across the United States. If you’re the owner or top manager of a business engaging in optical retail, go to


Oakley, for the large range of styles and colors, plus many designs for many different activities. Also, brand recognition.

Nestor Pancardo
AccuVision, Round Lake Beach, IL


Dita is still a super hot line, strong in optical and sun. SALT is a great seller for us, both men’s and women’s.

Wendy Salle

Salle Opticians, Atlanta, GA

Ray-Ban, Lacoste — geek-chic and colors still going strong.

Mary Canfield
Orlando Eyecare, Orlando, FL

Over the past quarter we have seen sales increase in label affordable luxury. Prodesign, Bevel, LaFont, OGA and Koali have all been moving very well.

Dr. John Dovie
Blacksburg Eye Associates, Blacksburg, VA


Italia Independent. Blue mirrors are hot items.

Steve Whitaker
Whitaker Eye Works, Wayne, PA

Anne et Valentin frames are using the most beautiful and colorful metals and plastics I’ve seen in a very long time. The shapes are universal and easy to fit.

Barbi Tuckerman
b.tuckerman unique eyewear, Columbus, OH

Morgenthal Frederics is always our top eyewear brand. Its style and handmade craftsmanship makes it easy and comfortable for people to wear all day every day.

Steve Ballard
Optica, Rancho Mirage, CA



Total 1 Dailies. Unbelievable comfort.

Dr. Scott Keating
Vision Trends, Dover, OH

It’s back-to-school time, so anti-fatigue lenses are very popular for students and emerging presbyopes. We are also taking advantage of lab promotions to include free or discounted AR and Transitions to add value to our packages for kids.

Nikki Griffin
EyeStyles Optical & Boutique, Oakdale, MN

Ultra from Bausch. Brand new lens on the market. Only opened in a handful of accounts and it sells itself!

Josh Bladh
Dr. Taylor Bladh, Diamond Bar, CA

Oasys. Higher water content for a more breathable lens and comfortable fit.

Steven Gouveia
Target Optical, Seekonk, MA

Air Optix Colors. There are some great colors that patients are falling in love with. Add superb comfort and optics, and you can’t get a better lens!

Dr. Lee Dodge
VisualEyes Optometry, Sherman Oaks, CA

Crizal Alize. Two-year warranty!

Daniel Amyx
Hillmoor Optical, Port St. Lucie, FL



Introducing CrizalⓇ Rock™

Did you know three out of four people wipe their lenses on their clothes?* Or that one out of three people accidentally drop their glasses at least once a week?* It's no surprise, then, that 93 percent of wearers consider scratch-resistance an important characteristic when choosing lenses.* To prove the durability of new Crizal Rock lenses, we ran tests inspired by real life situations. To learn more about new Crizal Rock, the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made, visit *Study conducted by ⒸIpsos – Risky behaviors of eyeglass wearers - consumer quantitative research 2019 - declarative results - USA - n= 2345 eyeglass wearers

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