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Refine Your Communication to Better Your Sales

If you become a better communicator with your patients by refining your communication skills you can improve your sales performance. Here’s how…




BOB WALKS OUT on the court. The gym smell is masked by the coffee in his alma mater logo mug. It’s day one of the high school training camp. During warmups all the kids are shooting and making baskets. Making shot after shot, these kids display a comical confidence that has them strutting with swagger. Bob smirks, looks at his roster and thinks, “There is no way they can all be this good!” Once they start scrimmaging his skepticism is confirmed. Clearly, there are two very different groups of athletes. Those who have attended multiple training facilities, learned great techniques, taken advantage of expert coaching, and put in hours of practice and repetition. Then there are the kids who love the game, have played a lot and make great shots, but when placed in gameplay against refined ball handling and defensive skills they simply cannot compete.

When was the last time you sought out refinement to better your daily “gameplay” out in the optical? Yes, you are a great optician. Honed your trade. You have studied and were mentored by some of the best. As opticians, we have a confident swagger, but still miss on closing many sales opportunities. Sales is a separate skill from opticianry. Sales is also to be studied, mentored, and refined; but unfortunately rarely taught in our industry.

Sales is communication. When you can confidently communicate with your customers, they are happy to purchase from you. They understand the importance of what you are selling. Here are three communication skills I teach to Spexy members that, when practiced to mastery, will dramatically improve your sales:

1. Remove “Yes or No” questions. This habit is a game changer. Think of all the times in the day you ask “Do you…” If I were to ask my kid, “Do you want veggies with dinner?” You know exactly what he will say. However, asking, “Do you want carrots or peas for dinner?” will get you a completely different response. As you go about your day, keep a journal. Write down the questions you ask in the office and replace them with more powerful questions that give options.

2. Be equipped with a response. This is where many opticians fail during “game play.” Once an objection is heard many will often shut down or offer responses with a bitter vibe. Make a list of objections you hear from patients. Write responses to each. Now adapt the wording, making it more concise. Then add a question to the end of the response that allows you to take control of the conversation.

3. Inquire and listen. There are many powerful questions used by those in sales that allow for the seller to better grasp the needs of their customers. Often, optical teams ask very few questions. Some get lazy and rely on a questionnaire. If questions are asked, many ECPs don’t allow the client to respond completely. Ready yourself with inquiries that get customers thinking. Then understand the power of listening. You can tailor a conversation that will direct to your sales goals.

Watch a video with examples of these three points below:

You are a hard worker. You love your career, and you’re one of the best opticians in your optical. But just like Bob who witnessed the kids who loved the game and spent days on end shooting in their driveway, you are unable to compete because you have not sought to refine your skills to perform in a game. I encourage you to become a better communicator with your patients by taking the opportunity to refine your sales communication skills



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