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Using Linktree for Instagram for Your Eyecare Business

What it is, how it works and why you should install it immediately.




INSTAGRAM IS MORE than a place to post pictures. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract new patients, spread the word about who you are, invite people to connect with you personally, and share pertinent information about your practice.

Ensuring you have all of the information a patient needs can be the deciding factor between whether they book an appointment with you or they move on.

What Is Linktree?

Instagram allows you to post one link on your Instagram profile. Generally, this should be your website or book appointment page.

Linktree is a free add-on you can install on your Instagram profile that allows you to include several links your patients can easily access. It sits in your one-link spot, but when users click on it, it opens a new page with several links.


Benefits of Links on Instagram

Having several links on your Instagram profile gives you more creative integrity. Rather than directing your followers to one web page over and over, you can send them to a page that’s most pertinent to the message you’re creating.

Say you’re posting about dry eye. If you only have one link, you’d likely send your reader to the book appointment page.

With Linktree, you could send your reader to a dry eye quiz or to your myopia page for more information, allowing you more creativity in your calls to action.

Adding Value

Any time you post content, you should ask yourself, “Does this add value?” Patients and followers aren’t interested in generic posts. They want you to connect with them, offer them something, and help improve their lives.

Including links provides your followers with additional information, helping them make informed choices.

Links You Should Always Include:

  • Your website homepage
  • Your book appointment page

Linktree offers unlimited links, but you don’t want to go overboard. If you have too many links, it becomes difficult for your readers to find the information you’re talking about. Instead, ensure you have the required links and include 2–4 more that may interest your followers.

Bonus tip: It helps if your links are interactive. Quizzes are a great tool to get patients clicking on your links. If you include a quiz, ensure it ends with a call to action, like inviting them to book an appointment.


What Else to Include

Your potential patients need to have all of your information easily accessible when they’re deciding to book an appointment.Your Instagram must include:

  • Your name. Your Instagram handle may not be the same as your practice name, but hopefully it’s as close as possible. Ensure your practice name is the name you have selected on your profile.
  • Your address. Your potential patient takes your location very seriously! If you’re in their neighborhood, they need to know how convenient your location is.
  • Your logo. Brand consistency is key. Make your logo your profile photo.
  • Your website. Your website adds legitimacy to your practice. Ensure you include a link on your Linktree to your website.

It’s time to start adding links to your profile. Choose wisely and don’t overwhelm your patients, but ensure you’re striking a balance between what’s important, interactive, and useful.



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