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66% of You Say ‘No Thanks’ to Celebrity Eyewear Styles and Trends

do you or don't you: The rest of you cite the undeniable choke hold famous faces have on frame fashion.





Do you or don’t you follow celebrity-related eyewear/eyecare news or imagery?

Yes: 34%

  • Kiki Palmer! That lady has more pairs of glasses than I do and I have been doing this for well over 50 years! I try to keep on trend and research all the trade magazines. Especially INVISION! — Chris C., Panama City, FL
  • I do follow it, but only very slightly. I listen to our frame reps. Our styles loosely follow California, so I look at PEOPLE magazine and watch California’s styles. — Dierdre F., Littleton, CO
  • If we see a celebrity on the red carpet, commercial, ad, etc., we try and find out what it is so we can help our customers find it or something similar. We have even started carrying lines because patients love a certain celebrity. We carry Sospiri because of Oprah, Moscot because of Johnny Depp. If we currently have a line and a certain frame becomes popular due to a celebrity, we will mention it when selling it. — Lorie F., Bakersfield, CA
  • I’m active on a lot of social medias, magazines, and a lot of brands will always share who’s wearing what. Sometimes I use it to help sell the independent product. — Heather H., Denver, CO
  • My son and all his friends. — Tania P., St. Petersburg, FL
  • I follow quite a bit of media and entertainment news to keep ahead of fashion style trends. I want to be well prepared if a patient asks for, or badly describes, a frame style they are looking for. Whether you are interested in the entertainment media or not, people are bombarded with media every day. It hits on an unconscious level, bending style choices. Staying ahead of, or even on, the curve will keep your storefront fresh and your clientele buzzing about your frame choices. — Tracy G., Hatboro, PA
  • Get information on who wears what. — Sabina K., Scottsdale, AZ
  • Social media is my main source of information. I follow all of our biggest vendors and watch to see if they repost or get tagged in any fashion shoots, pap shots, or stills from upcoming shows/films. — Colby S., Dothan, AL
  • Instagram, Tik Tok, mags and specific searches. — Karen M., Wyoming, MN
  • Just vintage photos, internet available. I can discuss ANYTHING! — Dave S., San Luis Obispo, CA
  • I try my best to stay current on popular trends. I’ll pay attention to celebrity photos, social media influencers and magazines. In our office, we aren’t in a large city, so usually people aren’t asking for super trendy styles but every so often they do, and I like to be prepared with options and know what they are asking for. — Sophia P., Huntley, IL
  • We don’t specifically look for it but are generally aware of celebrities who wear lines we carry, and/or people in the public eye like Oprah or Spike Lee who have distinctive eyewear style. — Kelsey B., Winston Salem, NC
  • I like to be up on the styles that patients may inquire about. I follow social media posts and read entertainment magazines. If there are cool styles on award shows I try to find that designer. — Cynthia S., Lewis Center, OH
  • If the company sends me the image we repost on social media. — Kristina J., Mishawaka, IN
  • All of our opticians are pretty up on pop culture, etc. We all have our niches: I am really into high fashion so I usually am following up on European and New York influenced styles. Andre and Stacy are always in the know on music and sportswear, which makes it really great for younger buyers. While Karen and Dana are the TV and movie buffs, so they can always spot what’s hot on cable! — Sydney T., Pasadena, MD
  • I like to figure out what someone is wearing. Internet and Opticians on Facebook work pretty well. — Jennifer Y., Canandaigua, NY
  • I follow it to see what people may start asking for. Fortunately or unfortunately, celebrities are shepherds of the fashion sheep. The sheep go where they are directed. And aren’t we all sheep at one level or another? It’s a human condition. — Dan A., Port St. Lucie, FL

No: 66%

  • I feel that there are much more important things in life that matter. If someone brings something up like “Did you see the frames Shiny Celeb was wearing the other day?” I’ll google it. — Jenni L., Dansville NY
  • This is a fairly rural area and not too many people care to keep up with the Kardashians, if you know what I mean. — Morgan D., Carmi, IL
  • I do not carry product because a celebrity has endorsed it. We carry products that reflect quality that are of interest to our patient base. — Sonja F., Austin, TX
  • Our area tends to be a bit anti-flashy… think plaid! Brand names that are big here are Patagonia, Prana, Arc’teryx, etc. Celebrity news and gossip, not so much. — Jen H., Sandpoint, ID
  • We have a sophisticated clientele and we carry brands no one has in the area so we do not have to depend upon media to get sales. That, and the fact that we have made eyewear for local and national celebrities, makes us unique. — Pablo M., Atlanta, GA
  • Never has come up in the optical. — Texas S., Citrus Heights, CA
  • I wouldn’t say I directly follow. But I do keep an eye on what celebrities wear just to keep an eye on where trends may be headed. — Travis L., Logan, UT
  • Patients mostly like what they like and are not influenced by frames worn by someone else. — Pam P., Downers Grove, IL
  • This doesn’t interest me. If a patient has a question, I am sure my staff can figure it out. — Mark P., Orlando, FL

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