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Products to protect and delight the eyes.




Dr. Cook holding book

See ‘The Shape of the Sky’

Dr. David Cook (above), one of the nation’s leading authorities on vision therapy, has released his latest book, THE SHAPE OF THE SKY, intended for doctors, therapists, and anyone who has a curiosity about how we see the world. The book comes with 3D glasses and 75 eye games to help the reader experience the world in three dimensions.


Teelicious Mona phoropter

Stay Classy

Do you have many leather-bound eyeglass cases and does your business smell of rich mahogany? Would you like it to? Then how about adding some famous classical masterpieces of art with just a teensy thematic update? Mona-phoropter is just the start of the fun in the Eye Care Masterpiece collection from TEELICOUS.

Prices vary


Tangibleclean solution

Tangibly Clean

ABB CONTACT LENS SPECIALTY VISION PRODUCTS now distributes TangibleClean, a daily cleaning and disinfecting solution for custom contact lenses coated with Tangible Hydra-PEG, as well as other gas permeable or soft contact lenses. TangibleClean simplifies the cleaning, conditioning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing process, as well as rinses off easily and helps to potentially avoid problems associated with prolonged exposure to preservatives.


ocusheild anti blue light screen protector

Block Right

With OCUSHIELD, a family of anti-blue light protector products including screen protectors for a variety of devices, eyewear, and a lamp. Featuring a Class 1 medical rating by the MHRA, the screen protectors fight eye strain and headaches and help users fall asleep faster after device use.

Prices vary

Viteyes Blue Light Defender

Go on the Defense

VITEYES Blue Light Defender is formulated with Lutein and Zeaxanthin, the only natural defenses our eyes have against the effects of blue light. Available as a gummy or capsule for those 12+.

$49.95 for gummies, $52.95 for capsules (3 month supply)





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