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Driving Lenses That Give Motorists An Edge In All Driving Conditions

And smart ways to sell them.




ACCORDING TO THE National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the critical reason attributed to 50 percent of car crashes is slick roads. Glare is the second reason, accounting for 17 percent of environment-related crashes. Bob Alexander, senior manager of Technical Training at HOYA, believes a polarized sun lens is a good option for driving during daylight hours. “There needs to be a good usable area in the lens and for that you could use a single vision lens for high prescriptions or a lifestyle option of a progressive lens for different situations,” he says. Lens manufacturers offer driving-specific lenses that come in glass, photochromic, or have a special coating.

WIley X driving glasses

Wiley X

Digiforce Road and Trail prescription lens is designed to provide a seamless viewing experience between objects on the road and gauges on the dashboard.

(800) 776-7842,


Hoya sunglassesCoppertone polarized lenses can reduce blinding glare by 97 percent. They come in a darker color that filters more solar blue light.

(800) 423-2361,


BMW sunglassesBMW sunglasses have Vi/ON lenses with a polarizing filter that protects against glare and allows clear views of LCD screens and the environment.

(800) 345-8482,

Porsche Design

VISION DRIVE polarized sunglassPatrick Dempsey wears the VISION DRIVE polarized sunglass lens that filters reflected light.

(307) 763-4944,


Transitions Drivewear polarized sun lens


Transitions Drivewear polarized sun lens adapts to light behind the wheel and helps to remove glare off the road.

(800) 848-1506,

Maui Jim Sunglass lens

Maui Jim

Sunglass lens is polarized and protects against glare. Shown here: Ka’ala monel metal, rectangular frame with HAWAII LAVA lens.

(866) 666-5905,

Serengeti Drivers lens


Serengeti Drivers lens is part of the Driving Heritage Collection. Shown here the Amboy frame with amber-colored lens to enhance color and offer contrast.

(800) 221-9035,

Carl Zeiss Vision driver lenses

Carl Zeiss Vision

DriveSafe is an everyday lens with DuraVision coating that makes vision more comfortable even in poor lighting conditions.

(800) 358-8258,


Smart Ways to Sell Driving Lenses

Paul UtnickPlaza Optical, Monroe, NY, Edmonds, WA

Driving Lenses That Give Motorists An Edge In All Driving Conditions

We’ve been selling Serengeti’s Drivers lens for a long time now and people like them. It’s a really good sunglass lens that is made with borosilicate optical glass from Corning so it’s less prone to scratching. They are 20 percent thinner and lighter than regular glass lenses. It’s a polarized lens that I personally like and since the optics are really good, sells well.

Kat LeekKat’s Eyes Optical, Duluth, MN

Driving Lenses That Give Motorists An Edge In All Driving Conditions

The line I use with patients is that the Transitions Drivewear lens is the best sunglass lens you’ve never heard of and can’t live without. A flash mirror on the lens looks great and works beautifully. Though developed for driving and highlighting reds and greens, it is a usable, all-purpose Rx sunglass lens you can wear all day. Drivewear is not as temperature sensitive as other Transitions lenses, so suitable in all weather. I also prescribe it for hunting, as it adapts to lighting conditions.

Matt SmithThat Glasses Guy, Chattanooga, TN

Driving Lenses That Give Motorists An Edge In All Driving Conditions

I believe we were one of the first in the US to offer Porsche Design Eyewear’s P’8928A with Vision Drive lens technology. People come in from the Porsche dealership asking for that pair. In my opinion, it is the best driving sunglass lens we sell. It boosts contrast but doesn’t shift color. It’s been selling well with positive feedback. Vision Drive is a cool looking dark lens that comes in a yellow/green color with a silver gradient mirror. We offer Vuarnet’s Skilynx as a driving lens too.





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