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Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Tough Talks, Tackled




Editor’s Note: Tough Talks, Tackled

If you’re conflict-avoidant, don’t miss this month’s Big Story.

Often in an editor’s note, the
editor (in this case me) will use it
as an opportunity to, not so subtly,
promote the major features in that
issue of the magazine. It’s a popular
editor’s convention and I have, and
no doubt will again, used it.

But my options this month
include Sports. Nope. And Tough
Talks. No thanks.

Not that those features aren’t
fantastic and totally worth your
time and attention to read, absorb
and keep in mind for future occasions
when such topics might be
useful, but I am not a sports girl
and I would rather remove my own
tongue with a rusty butter knife
than have a difficult conversation
with anyone at any time. I flush.
Badly. Like we’re talking beet red in
the face. In fact, it happens when I’m watching
people on TV have confrontations. It’s
my curse.

Which is why, I suppose, that is the exact
reason I had to read our Big Story (besides
the fact that it’s actually my job to read and
edit everything.) But I didn’t just read it, I
read it. I re-read it. I took notes. I am, dare I
say it, now eager for the next time that I have
to confront someone’s unacceptable behavior
just so I can employ some of the tips in
our Tough Talks story. Red face be
damned! I suggest you read it too and tackle
that conversation you’ve been avoiding, be it with an employee, partner or vendor. I guarantee
you’ll feel better after you do.


Oh, and check out the amazing sports
frames and performance sun styles we’ve
featured in the magazine … you
know, if you (or your patients) are in to that
sort of thing.

Best wishes for your business,

Editor’s Note: Tough Talks, Tackled

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of INVISION.



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game and see who’s the
last staff member standing.
(Manager’s To-Do,
page 20)
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Maybe it needs a total
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page 26)
A blog is also a
great way to keep your
site fresh, see some
3-Os doing it well.
(Benchmarks, page 64)
McDonald’s anyone?
See how the fast food
chain helps your team
make decisions. (Tip
Sheet, page 52)
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See the favorite playlists
of fellow ECPs for some
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