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Eye Designs Group Forms New Division

It’s called In Office Sterilization.




(PRESS RELEASE) COLLEGEVILLE, PA – Eye Designs, LLC, leader in the manufacturing of custom ophthalmic environments and optical display systems, announces the formation of a new division called In Office Sterilization.

The mission of In Office Sterilization is to deliver the best solutions and products so that you can open your business with confidence each day. The company is focused on three key areas: prevention of germs and viruses, elimination of germs and viruses, and providing confidence in the way of key components that acknowledge you are operating in a sterile environment. People put their trust in healthcare facilities and it is essential to provide a safe and clean environment.

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“During the first few weeks of the pandemic, we started receiving calls from clients for solutions of how to reopen that are safe for my staff and my patients. We searched high and low and found two partners that have the best products to answer their need” said Richard Winig, co-president of the Eye Designs Group. Eye Designs secured exclusive distribution agreements with EMIST, manufacturers of Electrostatic Sprayers and Clean Republic, producers of EPA approved Hospital Grade Non-Toxic Disinfectant & Sanitizer. The exclusive partnership brings three industry leaders together to support the eye care industry. The decision was easy for EMIST and Clean Republic to join forces with Eye Designs. The patient experience has always been a focus of Eye Designs business model and adding a new arm to provide solutions to the new norm was a natural fit.

Winig added, “Unlike the labor intensive traditional methods of cleaning and sanitizing with spray bottles and wipes, which can often include harmful chemicals, the connection between the EMIST system and Clean Republic is a safe, efficient and an eco-friendly process.”

EMIST is the leading provider of a patented Electrostatic Misting System that allows disinfectant to be sprayed throughout the optical, waiting, reception, pretest rooms, exam lanes, on frames and entire practice by positively charged fine droplets of cleaning agent attract to negatively/neutrally charged surfaces, fully encapsulating the area and objects spayed. This technology has just been featured on the NBC Today Show and was purchased to disinfect the United Airlines fleet of planes. “Our exclusive relationship with Eye Designs gives EMIST access to a new vertical that we didn’t realize the potential for the need in the space,” said Charlie Mullins, director of business development at EMIST. “We are excited about our relationship with Eye Designs,” he added. The EMIST sprayers are Made in USA and use the least amount of cleaning solution to disinfect any environment.

In addition, Eye Designs secured an exclusive distribution agreement with Clean Republic. Clean Republic produces the most powerful EPA approved Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) Disinfectant + Sanitizing Solution on the market. The Clean Republic Hospital Grade Disinfectant + Sanitizer uses the power of Mother Nature to properly kill the COVID-19 virus and disinfect your office from even stronger types of deadly bacteria and pathogens. Clean Republic’s patented process replicates a naturally produced compound in the human body to help fight infection and bacteria by running a electrical charge through a combination of salt and water creating HOCI. The Disinfectant + Sanitizer kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. The solution is a 3-in-1 cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer that is eco-friendly and quick-drying and leaves no toxic residue.


“While it is gratifying to be able to use our Disinfectant + Sanitizer for use against COVID-19, it is also noteworthy the Clean Republic kills viruses much more complex and is one of the very few product on the list that is gentle enough for use around people,” said company CEO and co-founder Hug Huffaker. “Unlike Clean Republic, most disinfectants approved to kill COVID-19 contain harsh chemicals and toxic fumes that can be unsafe and have harmful side effects.”

By combining these partners the company created a solid foundation for In Office Sterilization to thrive. In Office Sterilization has put together startup packages and is taking pre-orders. With demand for the product being at such a high level, all orders will be shipping as products are ready for release. The In Office Sterilization Packages are designed based on a practice’s size, optical area along with patient traffic. The package’s three main components are Electrostatic Sprayers, Disinfectant Solution and In-Store messaging. The signage package will allow you to visibly promote your practice as a safe disinfected environment with wall plaques, window clings, social distance floor graphics and signage blocks. In addition, In Office Sterilization will offer Germ Shield, Waiting Chair Dividers, antimicrobial seating, Frame Trays and Tray Storage Packages.

For more information regarding In Office Sterilization visit, e-mail [email protected] or call Eye Designs at 800-346-8890.



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