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Frame and Lens Selection to Help People See and Look Their Best

Work to understand the client’s lifestyle in order to get them eyewear that they’ll love.




Frame and Lens Selection to Help People See and Look Their Best

AS OPTICIANS, we spend a lot of time talking to clients about individual eyewear needs. Understanding the customer’s lifestyle and figuring out their desired look helps with our choice of frame and lens selection. Recently, I had a patient in her mid-20s who showed signs of light sensitivity and was adamant that her glasses express her personality and style. She explained she’d never really been happy with her glasses. Her prescription was a -6.00SPH in both eyes, and she did not want the thickness of the lenses to show. She also hated the heaviness of large frames but did not want small frames. I wasn’t frustrated; this is my favorite type of patient! Here I saw an opportunity to boldly express this young woman’s style not just in the frame selection, but in her lens choice as well. Lucky for her, this year we are seeing tinted lenses come back into fashion, and I think using lens tints is a great way to create a conversation piece for your customers.

After looking at many options, we surprisingly chose the new ic! Berlin Bise frame in Sillenipink. I know: Why would I choose such a large frame, knowing that her lenses are going to show—exactly what she doesn’t want? Here is where I had to use my skills both as an optician and a stylist to build her trust. I explained that the frames I’d selected were super light, durable and comfortable, but also very fashion forward. Also, because her PD and OC were centered in the frame, the all-around lens thickness would be balanced. It’s important to communicate to patients how the technical choices we make as opticians translate into what they want for their lifestyle.

Since this young woman had light sensitivity, during lens selection, I then had an opportunity to talk to her about a special tinted lens that has been tested just for that: the FL41 lens. She declined that, along with Transitions; however, that did not stop me from customizing a lens that would work for her. Since her main concern at this point was the edge thickness I decided to talk to her about edge tints and how they create a fun, colored ‘glow’ around the frame, taking the attention off the lens thickness and making it about the hue as it reflects on the lenses. In combination, we chose a digital high index 1.67 lens with Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect with a pink edge tint. When she left my office, she was excited and confident with the choices we’d made together. When she came to pick up her glasses, she was pleased with the results and overall experience. I was elated to have been part of the process in finding her first pair of glasses that she was truly happy with.

It’s our job to make customers happy. We are helping people see and look their best. Every day is a new opportunity to select distinctive frames and lenses that create a conversation and make others ask, ‘’What type of lenses are those?’’ In doing this you create a fun, experimental experience with your customer, and they will be as excited as you are with the result. In 2018 and beyond, eyewear styles are going to constantly change and recycle. Let’s create some amazing lenses that will be remembered!

Autianna Wilson is an optician and blogger for She is recognizable on Instagram for her glasses selfies and eclectic style. She aims to promote independent, trendy eyewear with her uncensored honest opinions. Follow her on Instagram @goddessofoptix


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