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Innovation Meets Convenience With These 9 Clip Styles

Fashion, function and a little twist on the theme rounds out this easy-does-it trend.





Dolabany Eyewear

Shown here on the Assus, Dolabany’s new black, stainless steel sun clip features polarized lenses.

(800) 688-7661,

$80 (clip), $205 (frame)

clip-on TVR 54 2020 Edition

True Vintage Revival

The clip-on TVR 54 2020 Edition features sun platinum metal and lightweight, polarized lenses that are made in Japan.



John Varvatos clip sunglasses

John Varvatos

Sold as an optical-frame-and-clip-on set, the V176 sports a metal brow bar on both the frame and the sun clip. Titanium nose pads and knurling detail set this style apart.

(800) 423-3023,


Götti’s titanium frames


Made in Switzerland, the 3D-printed sun clip is easy to clip onto Götti’s titanium frames, including Dale, shown here.

(914) 274-8522,

$137 (clip only)

Chemistrie Color clip-on


With a base curve match to allow for an ideal fit over optical frames, Chemistrie Color clip-on is an ideal option for those suffering from color vision deficiency.

(888) 321-3939,

Starting at $195

Andy Wolf Eyewear features Zeiss lenses

Andy Wolf

Manufactured in the Jura region of France, the newest sun clip from Andy Wolf Eyewear features Zeiss lenses and comes in multiple shapes and colors.



Marcolin-Adidas clip-in


Compatible with sport shields including the SP0015, the newly launched clip-in offers an RX-able twist on the clip-on concept.

(800) 345-8482,

$49 (clip-in only)

Silhouette clip-in sunglasses


Designed to provide a perfect fit with all of Silhouette’s optical frames, Style Shades 5090 01 offers 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

(518) 272-5500,

$96 (clip only)

Missoni clip-in cat's eye sunglasses


From the new Missoni collection, the MIS 0054CS is a ’70s-inspired, butterfly-shaped optical frame that transforms into a cat eye sun. Sold as a set.

(800) 631-1188,


Rachel Bozek is a contributing writer for INVISION.



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