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Podcast: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Dee fangirls over 20/20Glance with founder Dr. Jackie Garlich and the two discuss all the contention in optometry.




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OPHTHALMOLOGISTS DON’T LIKE OPTOMETRISTS. Optometrists think ophthalmologists are full of themselves. Established ODs think new grads are lazy. Young ODs think older ODs are out of touch. In the latest INVISION Podcast with Dee Carroll, Dee talks with Dr. Jackie Garlich, founder of 20/20Glance (, a free weekly email that runs down clinically relevant optometry news, and the two discuss these areas of contention and wonder why we all can’t just get along.

At the end of the episode, Dee asks a question on behalf of Dr. Sue Miller of Bright Eyes Vision in Pennsylvania about the effectiveness of joining a business networking group to grow business. Dr. Theodore Sees of Rockford Family Eyecare in Michigan shares is generally positive experience with these sort of networking groups. Curious about joining one yourself? Take a listen.

  • 1:09 Video is king. If you’re not using video to capture new patients, you might want to think again.
  • 1:53 Did you catch the re-launch of in early December? It’s slicker, sexier, more mobile-friendly and more interactive experience.
  • 3:34 Dee introduced this month’s guest Dr. Jackie Garlich, founder of 20/20Glance.
  • 4:07 Jackie explains why she started writing 20/20Glance … to fill the void she found for clinically relevant news for the practicing clinician filtered to the pertinent info needed to help the patients sitting in her chair.
  • 5:20 Dee and Jackie discuss how the easy filtered news feed benefits other busy ODs and the irony that in an effort to curate the most pertinent news, she is STILL reading everything to distill it for her readers.
  • 6:00 Dee asks how wishing there was something out there like 20/20Glance became execution of the newsletter and organic growth.
  • 7:30 Finding the balance in tone between her natural inclination toward sarcasm and not actually offending readers as the audience grew beyond just friends.
  • 7:43 Dee fangirls about why she likes 20/20Glance so much because it speaks in plain terms but is entertaining enough to keeps her attention despite obviously not being an optometrist.
  • 8:15 Dee and Jackie finally get around to explaining what 20/20Glance is for those who may not be familiar with it: A once a free weekly email delivered every Monday morning that gives a simple rundown of clinically relevant optometry news from the last week. Sign up at
  • 9:30 Jackie talks current subscriber numbers and explains that this is a side hustle to her practicing OD day job.
  • 10:22 She’s got amazing open rates around 50%!
  • 12:20 Jackie teases the future plan of 20/20Glance and some coming changes.
  • 13:05 Jackie talks about her day job and her recent move from Milwaukee to Boston and how it changed her mode of practice.
  • 14:45 Dee and Jackie discuss the changes in optometry in recent years and how young ODs approach how they want to practice now.
  • 17:20 Dee throws a renegade question at Jackie about the Blue Light debate.
  • 20:30 Dee reins the conversation back in and asks about #MillenialODproblems and the changes to the profession of optometry in last two decades.
  • 22:00 Online refractions come up …
  • 22:45 They delve into the scope of what optometrists can and cannot do from state to state and the battle between optometry and ophthalmology. Short take: She wonders why we all can’t get along.
  • 24:30 They discuss where the contention between the professions comes from… and they keep discussing it.
  • 27:45 CALL TO ACTION: if you have anything to add to the conversation email
  • 28:20 Dee asks about the trouble some established ODs and boutique owners are having finding young/associate ODs and if that has to do with the different priorities of young ODs.
  • 30:42 Yup, work/life balance is discussed.
  • 31:00 She is a full-time practicing OD, a mother, does 20/20Glance on the side and shares she is also in the military! Dee feels totally unaccomplished.
  • 33:40 Dee wonders at Jackie’s statement that she sometimes is afraid she is lazy because she doesn’t currently want to own her own practice. So, the two get into the discussion of whether that is an inherently female trait, that we often don’t feel like we’re aren’t doing enough.
  • 35:50 Dee asks Jackie if there were a couple things that she wishes she could say to older generations of optometrists who complain about the younger generation of ODs coming into the profession.
  • 37:50 Dee plugs 20/20Glance signups:
  • 38:10 Time for the Ask INVISION question. This one comes from Dr. Sue Miller of Bright Eyes Vision in Pennsylvania asking about the effectiveness of business networking organizations.
  • 39:20 Dr. Theodore Sees of Rockford Family Eyecare in Michigan who has found some success with joining BNI but also highlights some of the challenges.
  • 43:50 Dee says see ya next time and reminds you if you have a business question you’d like us to track down an answer to visit and hit record!



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