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Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson: Totally Eliminate Those Someday Statements




Management advice from Rebecca Johnson

Instead, turn them into if/then promises to yourself.

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of INVISION.

If I had a dollar for every time I said, “Someday I will …,” I could be writing this article from my own private island in the Caribbean. As a matter of fact, if I did everything that I said I would do “someday,” I would be writing this article from my own private island in the Caribbean.

How often do you use “someday statements?” Here are a few examples:


“If I had time/money/more energy, I would …”

“I wish I could …”

“I should …”

Statements such as these may make us feel better, but without developing a definitive plan to move forward, “someday” never comes. Author John Maxwell says, “Living intentional can turn a life that is on autopilot into a life of significance.” Stop going through the motions. Realize that life is made up of choices, and we get a new opportunity to make a difference with each rising sun.

Write down all of your “someday statements” and list them in priority of how the impact of being intentional about them would have on your life. Next, use two words, “if” and “then” to commit to a plan of action. For example:

Personal someday statement: “Someday, I will lose weight.”


If/then statement: “If I commit to making healthier food choices and exercising, then I will lose weight.”

Professional someday statement: “I should organize my office.”

If/then statement: “If I come in on Saturday for two hours and work only on organizing the office, then I will have a better organized office and be more productive on Monday.”

If/then statements demonstrate cause and effect, setting you on the road to success. Once you have your if/then statement, stay focused on the then. The point is to get to the then, where you will find a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Back to the Caribbean island … owning one is not a realistic goal, but I could schedule a nice vacation. If I save $300 per month, then I and my sweet hubby can be on Palm Island for a glorious seven days this time next year. Hmmmmm … I hear the ocean calling my name.


REBECCA JOHNSON is an enthusiastic and motivational ophthalmic staff trainer, a nationally recognized speaker and author, and executive director of GPN. Her honors include the AOA Paraoptometric Special Service Award and VisionMonday’s “Most Influential Women in Optical.” Contact her at


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