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A TV Channel Just for ECPs? I Think So

Our America’s Finest honorees could inspire a nation.




I LOVE FOOD. I love eating it. I love cooking it. I love shopping for it and I love watching shows about it. Left up to my own devices: Food Network 24/7.

My interest in food, and watching other people’s appreciation for and approach to food, has inspired a direct improvement in my own cooking skill and palette. The glimpse into others’ worlds has raised my game.

The way I feel about food is the way some people feel about home décor and HGTV. Providing a peak into someone else’s home and real estate starts the idea wheels turning. How else do you explain the popularity of shiplap?

That’s pretty much what I think of the America’s Finest Optical Retailer profiles we feature in every issue. Sort of like our very own ECP network. A deep dive into exceptional eyecare businesses across the country that help onlookers figure out new ways to improve their own businesses. Maybe you see a marketing idea worth emulating, or a creative way to add an extra exam lane in limited space. The businesses we recognize every year as America’s Finest are meant to stimulate and motivate others to raise the bar.


To see which inspiring optical businesses claimed top honors this year turn to page 36 and have a notebook handy to jot down ideas. Based upon the individual personalities and creative expression of each of the winners and Honorable Mentions, I think it’s clear that the only “magical” formula for optical success is: One part creativity + One part passion + Two parts hard work.

Speaking of passion, it turns out it may be possible to teach it. At least that is what one office manager in Greenville, OH, thought and she came up with a nine-step program to ensure that her employees were offering a phenomenal experience every time. Read more about that in Best of the Best on page 60.

At the end of the day, the eyecare landscape has changed. If seeing the way others are doing things holds no interest for you; if you’d rather continue to do things as they have always been done; and working on actively differentiating your business to make it a special experience for your patients and consumers just seems like too much work, then this issue probably isn’t for you. I dare say this industry might not be either. Something to think about.

Until next month…

A TV Channel Just for ECPs? I Think So

Dee Carroll


Five Smart Tips From This Issue

1. Professionally shot photos of your staff in their favorite frames? Great for our website and your waiting room. (Manager’s To-Do, page 20)
2. Did you know there are more than 200 telemedicine models on the market? The future is here. (Better Vision, page 30)
3. Opticians help America see and now they have the superhero uniforms to prove it. (Eye Pro Gear, page 32)
4. Want to figure out a way to read more? We’ve got just the life hack for you. (Tip Sheet, page 62)
5. Set goals or no? There is contradictory advice out there… here’s our take. (Ask INVISION, page 66)



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