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A Love Letter to the Woman Who Gave Me My Career

And like many of the women who have had the privilege to know and work with Marge, I am incredibly grateful.





I BEGAN MY CAREER right out of college in the fashion and beauty departments of consumer magazines. But being low man on the totem pole and barely paid a living wage — especially for NYC — well, let’s just say The Devil Wears Prada wasn’t that far off.

Tired of being poorly treated and poorly paid, I took my fancy college education and tried my hand at corporate communications at a bank. Loved the people, loved the pay… hated the job. So, I looked for a unicorn: A decently paying editorial job with people who weren’t sadists…

And found it. Vision Monday needed an editor to cover the frame market and my experience — a mix of business writing and fashion knowledge — made me the likeliest candidate. I still remember what I wore to that first interview (Entirely too much cleavage!) and my fear that someone would ask me what glasses I wore (Perfect vision until presbyopia recently hit.)

That’s when I met Marge. Just one name — like Madonna or Cher — and everyone knows exactly who you are talking about. That’s the impact she has had on this industry. She saw potential in me — despite being dressed like a tart for our interview — and hired me. My first assignment was to write an obituary. I vowed to only stay for two years and then parlay it into a better, sexier job.


I stayed for nearly 11.

With Marge’s support I became a better writer, a much better journalist, and I got to see the world. I grew as an editor and as a person. I gained the sort of confidence that only comes from having someone guiding you; believing in you; letting you shine when you excel and letting you fail when it leads to growth but never when it means defeat.

Without Marge I would not have had the editorial skill, industry knowledge or belief in myself to become Editor-in-Chief of INVISION. This magazine has become much of what it is thanks to her influence and I, like many of the women who have had the privilege to know and work with her, am incredibly grateful.

And that is her legacy. An industry of women who think they can because Marge forged the path and reached back to grab their hand and told them they could too.

Congratulations on your retirement Marge. It is well deserved. You will be missed but never forgotten.

With love and respect,

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

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