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Kicking Off a Celebratory Year with a Big Announcement

Two redheads for the price of one!




Kicking Off a Celebratory Year with a Big Announcement

I HAVE A BIG announcement to make … No, I didn’t undergo an extreme makeover to make me look younger, thinner and more fabulous for 2024. And no, I am not stepping down as the HBIC of INVISION. But I do have the immense pleasure of unmasking The Masked Editor who has been providing all our product coverage for the last four issues.

Drumroll please!

It is my privilege to announce Sheena Taff (the beauty in the above photo), the Optician About Town (IG: @Optician.About.Town) herself, is INVISION’s new Trend & Product Editor and we could not be more excited to have her!

In 2024 INVISION turns 10, and over the course of that decade, Sheena has been spending her time gaining extensive experience as an industry writer, optician and the proud owner of an independent optical shop in Vancouver, Canada. As part of the INVISION team, she will share her passion for new eyewear trends, design innovations, and industry insights with other independent ECPs. (Her coverage in this issue begins on page 20.) With her background as an optician and independent optical shop owner, she has a keen eye for spotting emerging trends, an understanding of the practical aspects that make eyewear exceptional for everyday use, and a well-rounded perspective that will resonate with industry professionals and the end-consumer alike. And she’s just like a really cool chick with really great hair.


I love when I get to work with friends, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have to work out the details of this arrangement so we both came out of the deal feeling like winners. I might have been able to use our Big Story on becoming a better negotiator then. Thankfully, Sheena made bringing her on board easy. But if you have a negotiation coming up that you’re dreading, or just want to bone up on your haggling skills, check out Become a Master Negotiator on page 26.

Happy New Year! This issue kicks off a big year for INVISION and this is just the first of the exciting announcements and festivities to come throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Best wishes for your business,

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Five Smart Tips From This Issue

  1. This event only happens every four years. How can you jump on this extra selling day? (Manager’s To-Do, page 16)
  2. Your EHR is already chock full of data and now that integration with CRMs is getting more seamless your customer relationship game can improve by leaps and bounds. (Better Vision, page 23)
  3. Can home be the ideal setting for vision therapy? This OD thinks so and has the receipts to prove it. (Best of the Best, page 40)
  4. Speaking of reputation management… when was the last time you Googled your business? What did you see? What do you want to see tomorrow? (Columns, page 44)
  5. It’s a tale as old as time… A licensed brand changes hands and a beloved rep no longer carries what you need. Stay with the great rep or follow the brand? (Real Deal, page 50)


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