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Podcast: What Exactly Does it Take to Become America’s Finest Optical Retailer?

Dee talks with Eclectic Eye’s Robbie Johnson Weinberg and Dr. Michael Weinberg to get the scoop.




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IN THIS EPISODE of the INVISION Podcast with Dee Carroll, Dee sits down with the first place winners of INVISION’s 2019 America’s Finest Optical Retailers contest: Robbie Johnson Weinberg and Dr. Michael Weinberg of Eclectic Eye in Memphis, TN.

After establishing how Robbie and Dr. Mike met and how Eclectic came to be, they get into the nitty gritty of the things that makes Eclectic Eye a very special business. Like the fact that they converted to private pay only – that’s right, they take NO insurance – and the benefit that affords them (23:00). They also made the decision to only carry independent brands (27:00) and how other independents can make that decision too. At 34:34 minutes, they talk about the important role a business’s overall environment plays to the success of an independent eyecare business. Shortly after (35:30), they dig deep on working with an outside agency for branding, marketing and social media management and why it’s worth the money. Robbie and Dr. Mike also provide advice for others interested in finding their own agency to work with. And while they are doling out the advice, at 42:00 they provide their advice for couples – or anyone – looking to start their own independent eyecare business. Lastly, they talk about their few regrets (45:30) and how they had tackled them sooner. Be sure to stay to the end because they are issues some of you may currently be facing.


Having built a career in service journalism, Dee has been covering the eyecare industry for over a decade. As editor-in-chief of INVISION Magazine, she is passionate about telling independent ECPs stories and can be reached directly at [email protected]


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