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Shamir Turns to AI, Big Data, and Formula 1 Racing in Creating Latest Lens Innovation

Shamir will present its new Driver Intelligence lenses during a special media event on Monday, July 24 in San Diego.




Shamir Turns to AI, Big Data, and Formula 1 Racing in Creating Latest Lens Innovation

Shamir has been on the cutting edge of lens technology for decades.

Its latest product launch shows it’s poised to remain so for decades to come.

Shamir will unveil its new Driver Intelligence during a special press event on Monday, July 24 in San Diego, CA. This new optical lens is designed to enhance driver performance and increase roadway safety. Artificial intelligence, eye tracking, and trials from professional drivers and everyday drivers, each played a part during development.

Shamir also teamed with its partners at Alpine Formula One during the research and development stage.

Shamir Turns to AI, Big Data, and Formula 1 Racing in Creating Latest Lens Innovation“We are proud of our partnership with BWT Alpine F1® Team, which has allowed us to drive performance lenses to new levels and contribute to innovation for us both,” says Shamir CEO, Yagen Moshe, in a press release. “The rich insight and extensive data received from professional drivers under conditions of extreme challenges, has enriched our big data set and has been invaluable in the development of the new driving-dedicated performance lens.

“Going the extra mile with this valuable partnership, Shamir exercises its ability to see through the eyes of its consumers, to study the environment, the activities and needs of the users, and then to apply the most advanced technologies including elements of AI to maximize the user experience.”

According to Shamir, the Driver Intelligence lens features “exceptionally wide and clear visual fields” and “enables sharp and clear vision with less glare.”

The lenses are intended to help drivers navigate changing light conditions, increase their reaction time, and deal with eye fatigue.

Shamir Turns to AI, Big Data, and Formula 1 Racing in Creating Latest Lens Innovation

Here’s more from the company press release:

Constantly focusing on improving people’s lives, Driver Intelligence development began with Shamir’s decision to address the unique set of visual challenges facing drivers everywhere such as sudden changes in road conditions, varying light intensities from the sun, streetlamps, or oncoming headlights, constant altering technology with advanced interior digital displays and the persistent need to shift focus from the close vehicle interior due to the distant road. Analysis of surveys showed that 1 in 5 drivers suffer from eye fatigue, and 1 in 4 drivers have trouble focusing quickly between varying distances. Further survey analysis showed that 48% of drivers have vision concerns that prevent them from driving at night.

Shamir’s new driver-dedicated lens is soundly based on extensive measurements of head movements and eye-tracking, providing a comprehensive understanding and prediction of driver visual behavior. This enabled us to develop a lens that not only provides optimal vision for a superior driving performance, but also adapts to individual needs under all driving conditions. By marrying elements of AI to insights from its Alpine partner competitive drivers, Shamir produces a lens ideally suited to all manner of drivers, providing them with an improved performance and an unsurpassed driving experience.

Shamir Driver Intelligence comes as a set of two pairs of glasses, one for daylight and one for nighttime driving, in order to provide optimal vision for all conditions. The new lens for daylight use incorporates advanced materials that simulate color contrast and have object-recognition enhancement effects used in Formula 1 racing helmet visors, while its advanced anti-reflective coating coating reduces disturbing glare from the sun. The second lens design is for conditions of low-light and nighttime driving, reducing visual noise and eye fatigue, and improving drivers’ reaction times for safer driver performance. Shamir, with (its) Alpine partners, is driving innovation in performance lenses to a whole new level by enriching their Big Data set with extensive inputs, insights, and data from pro drivers facing extreme road challenges.

“The lens we have developed upgrades the driving experience to premium, taking the driver (professional as well as passionate and everyday drivers) on a calm and pleasant journey, allowing them to enjoy clarity of vision whether of the road ahead or the image in their mirrors, bringing them safely to their destination,” says Moshe.




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