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Shining Brightly

This Southern California practice presents a fun, playful vibe to its community of young families.




SIBLING OPTOMETRISTS DRS. Sophie Hsu and Steven Soong opened Bright Vision Optometry in 2015. The Chino Hills, CA, practice embodies their belief that, as Dr. Soong puts it, “Branding is just as important in optometry as in any other kind of business.”

Dr. Soong says the core demographic in Chino Hills is young families, and Bright Vision’s image reflects this. “We emphasize ‘modern’ in our branding to attract millennial parents,” he says, describing the look as “modern, playful and clean.”

One thing that sets Bright Vision apart is the range of branded items it has created. Aside from the usual logos, business cards, direct mailers, cloths and cases, the practice’s name adorns reusable grocery bags and water bottles, and fun, branded stickers. To VIP patients, they give away Bright Vision Optometry clothing including “dad hats,” long-sleeve shirts, crew-neck sweaters and hoodies.


The consistent, fully achieved feel of Bright Vision’s branding is the result of a systematic approach: “Our branding goes beyond the … logo,” says Dr. Soong. “Working with our graphic designer, we have created a brand guideline which includes logo designs, logo variations, color palette, typography and design patterns/textures. Think of it like a reference guide that anchors the aesthetic and vibe.”

The doctors are quick to credit key inspirations and influences: “Our biggest influence was Insight Vision Center Optometry in Costa Mesa. We modeled our modern approach to branding after them, so a huge shout out to Drs.

Thanh Mai and Valerie Lam,” says Dr. Soong, who also gives a major nod to graphic designer Vanessa Choi, who created the branding guideline. The practice also works with a local copy shop on printed materials such as brochures, “thank you” cards, decals and more.

Dr. Soong believes good branding goes beyond aesthetics. “Remember, how you and your staff treat people is part of your brand too,” he says. “Exceptional customer service will always be the best branding.”


After years covering some of the farther flung corners of the world of business journalism, Heath has more recently focused on covering the efforts of independent eyecare professionals to negotiate a fast-changing industry landscape. Contact him at [email protected]



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