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Continued Advancement and Innovation Usher in a New Class of Contact Lenses

It’s bolstering the fast-growing multifocal market along with the addition of water surface treatments which make contacts more comfortable to wear, especially for patients with dry eyes.




ADVANCES HAVE BEEN made in the fast-growing multifocal market such as water surface treatments to make them more comfortable, especially for dry-eye patients. According to Dr. Denise Whittam, one reason new technologies are being used in single use CLs is because there’s no chance of infection with them. Alcon recently launched Total30, a water gradient monthly multifocal. Some contacts now have blue light filters, for example, Alcon’s Dailies Total 1 and Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Oasys Max 1-day lenses. CooperVision’s MyDay Energys completes its MyDay family of daily lenses and offers a digital boost technology to help people doing near sight work relax their eyes and relieve eyestrain.



SkyHy is a new breathable silicone hydrogel daily contact lens.

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Johnson & Johnson

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-day contact lenses have a blue light blocking filter, while the Acuvue Oasys Max 1-day multifocal contact lenses are for presbyopes.

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Valley Contax

Valley Contax

The posEYEdon program aims to increase patient awareness about custom lens options and direct them to specialty lens fitters. It’s for patients with astigmatism incompatible with a soft lens, dryness, or who need a more customizable multifocal.

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Alcon contacts


THE TOTAL30 water gradient multifocal monthly contact lens provides visual acuity at all distances near through far, offering an alternative to bifocals or reading glasses.

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Bausch+Lomb contacts

Bausch + Lomb

INFUSE silicone hydrogel multifocal daily disposable contact lens for patients with presbyopia came out
in June.

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CooperVision contacts


MyDay Energys features a UV blocker with an aspheric design that delivers a digital boost and aquaform technology to help tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye strain.

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Smart Ways to Sell Contact Lenses

Mile Brujic, ODPremier Vision Group
Bowling Green, OH

Continued Advancement and Innovation Usher in a New Class of Contact Lenses

The two biggest advancements in CLs are the advent of new material that is more wearable; and more designs in the daily disposable modality. This is putting more patients into CLs. Daily disposables are the most comfortable way to wear a lens. Ageing eyes have challenges with the ocular surface but new technologies provide a new way to create homeostasis on the surface of the eye. Silicone hydrogel lenses feel softer than they used to and have an oxygen permeability that gives patients a better wearing experience visually and comfortably. Bausch + Lomb’s newest lens, INFUSE, is a daily disposable multifocal that has exceeded clinical expectations. For those aged 45 and older, it maximizes homeostasis and provides pristine optics, performing better than expected. It’s been really enlightening to hear my patients’ responses.

Denise Whittam, OD
Cohen’s Fashion Optical
New York, NY

Continued Advancement and Innovation Usher in a New Class of Contact Lenses

Johnson & Johnson has raised the bar with its Acuvue Oasys Max 1-day lens. It can be fit after a patient’s initial visit. The material is oxygen permeable silicon hydrogel for single use. No other lens offers complete 100% UVA & B protection, a blue light blocking filter, and a hydra luxe wetting agent, which makes them super comfortable. It’s been so successful for us. Patients don’t feel end of day discomfort and forget they have it on. It offers enhanced optics with no scatter, no halos, and images that are sharp and clear. It comes in two designs, spherical and multifocal. I let any CL patient try it on for 10 minutes, see how they feel, and when they notice the comfort and the optics, I’m confident I’m choosing the right product for them. We’re also seeing more patients reorder an annual supply too.



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