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These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Wine bags, doggy sweaters, frisbees… They’re getting their name out there in ways you never thought possible.




FROM THE MOST outrageous fashionista to your normie uncle, everyone loves free stuff — or as we prefer to call it in retail, “merch.” Handing out branded freebies can be a savvy way of generating buzz, whether you’re rewarding patients for ordering CLs or luring attendees to an event. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to giveaways. Selling a branded line of clothing or coffee mugs could even generate you a new revenue stream. Merch is also a potential content goldmine for your social media, showcasing your brand in action. And let’s not forget, every sweatshirt worn to a mall or umbrella carried around town with your name on it is a walking billboard. Below, we bring you six businesses who dove into the world of merch and gave their visibility a boost.

These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

CHROMA Modern Eyewear + Eyecare
Fort Worth, TX

Tumblers have become a popular merch item, and nobody does them quite like Dr. Matthew Barber and his team at CHROMA. They raise the bar by choosing eye-catching colors (purple, pink, metallic hues) and materials (stainless steel), and using them as “limited-edition” incentives to order annual CL supplies, or to purchase frames at trunk shows. A recent St. Patrick’s Day promotion even saw emerald versions being given away.

These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Alexander Daas Opticians
San Francisco, Los Angeles and Del Mar, CA

Alexander Daas has never limited itself in frame curation, with its well-regarded private label having been a draw to its three California locations for years now. And a key component of owner Alex Feldman’s bold, humorous messaging is the business’s branded clothing collection displaying the phrase “Squinting is for assholes” in small print on everyday garb, forcing people to squint to read it. Get it?

These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Vision Boutique
Illinois and Indiana

According to social media manager Abbie Judge, “modern, family-oriented and inviting” was the brief given to the folks who came up with Vision Boutique’s branding, and nothing says this to us louder than dog-related swag, which has been something of a theme at the multi-location Illinois and Indiana business over the years. Along with fun stuff for humans like adult coloring pages and knapsacks, the business proffers doggie poop bag holders and canine hoodies to lure owners to its many community events.


These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Eyes on Westlake
Forth Worth, TX

When Eyes on Westlake was in development, owner Dr. Blythe McPherson and her crew “went heavy into designing custom everything, with as many things as we could put our logo on.” As a result, their merch lineup is as diverse as it is attractive: koozies, bags, cleaning cloths and lens cleaner, cookies, and drink containers, to name but a few, all adorned in McPherson’s favorite color scheme: shades of blue with hints of gold.

These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Eye Spy Optical
Chicago, IL

At Eye Spy, owner Alissa Fields has never targeted a particular age or income bracket. Rather, she says, “I target … creative customers. We have many customers that like to be different, stand out from the crowd, and have their own style.” This is reflected in her quirky selection of merch, which includes such rarities as felt wine bags, candles, stickers, temporary tattoos, pocket mirrors, lip balm, and more. Some is produced specifically for a store event or customer mailing; some is given away daily.

These Six Eyecare Businesses Take Merch to the Next Level

Opt Eyewear Boutique
Providence, RI

In addition to traditional fare like cleaning cloths and tote bags, Opt Eyewear has come up with some truly signature items like reusable glass water bottles and glow-in-the-dark frisbees. (The latter are also regulation weight — an important detail.) The frisbees came about as a giveaway to promote Opt at the polo matches it sponsors every summer in Newport. “It was amazing returning [for] our second year and seeing our frisbees flying all over the grounds!” says co-owner Jessica Leach.



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