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93% of ECPs Hire a CPA — or Other Professional — to Handle Their Tax Returns

do you or don't you: The overwhelming sentiment is to stay in your lane and let the financial professionals be the professionals.





Do or don’t you use a CPA or other professional to handle your tax returns?

Yes: 93%

  • I’m a one-person business and I have plenty on my plate to do already, I love the help and bookkeeping is not my jam. — Julie U., Jupiter, FL
  • I have no financial skills or understanding so I have my accountant and his bookkeeper handle things. — Marc U., Pine Beach, NJ
  • I can’t imagine not using a CPA, always have. Changed twice to get one that is proactive in making business recommendations. Having a PLLC taxed as a S Corp and a separate LLC for a real estate passthrough company is too difficult to do on your own. — Tory M., Dumas, TX
  • If something is wrong, they will fix it. — Rob G., Dubuque, IA
  • Corporations require the professional help. — Cindy H., Chattanooga, TN
  • There are somethings you leave to the professionals. Eyeglasses and taxes are just two of those things. I stick to what I know and rely on others for their area of expertise. — Justin T., Pittsfield, MA
  • I have always used a business accountant. I would cheat like a fool if I did it myself! — Nikki G., Oakdale, MN
  • I can’t imagine not using a CPA. Professionals hire professionals. He does taxes, I do glasses. Stay in your lane. — Kevin C., Glenview, IL
  • Our CPA handles payroll, taxes, etc., as well as offering tax strategies. They’re so helpful to have around, even for quick questions, and you don’t have to overpay for great quality. — Blake H., Alma, GA
  • Ensure we are maximizing our expenses and meeting all new tax laws. — Verbelee N., Orlando, FL
  • We have been utilizing a CPA for over 20 years. I used to attempt to do the payroll taxes, and estimated taxes and other accounting chores, but I realized I was no good at it after getting in trouble (oops) and have been stress free for all those years. — Jim W., Mexico, MO
  • I have always used an accountant to handle the expertise that is theirs. — Mark C., Pittsburgh, PA
  • My Skills: Optician: 10. Accounting: 4. — Jennifer L., Dansville, NY
  • New business, I want to make sure yearly taxes are done correctly. — Jennifer Y., Canandaigua, NY
  • I don’t do taxes, plumbing or electric. — Jordan F., Baltimore MD
  • It’s just what we do and have done for 40 years. — Pam H., Port Arthur, TX
  • I use a CPA because doing my own return would be worse than paying my accountant’s fee. — Mitchell K., Brooklyn, NY
  • Have used a CPA from day one. I do eyes, they do my taxes. — Kristina J., Mishawaka, IN
  • I have a CPA/attorney to handle my business and tax affairs. My specialty is vision and their specialty is taxes and investments. — Texas S., Citrus Heights, CA
  • A great CPA is worth their weight in tax savings. — Jason K., Phoenix, AZ
  • I’ve used a CPA for taxes from the beginning. There are many things I’m good at but doing my taxes is not one of them. There’s nothing wrong with paying for a professional to do it right. — Amber F., Mt. Juliet, TN
  • I cannot imagine taking this on myself and would NEVER advise a colleague to attempt so! The tax world is WAY too complicated for a layman, just as an accountant would be woefully unprepared to perform a corneal foreign body. — James W., Lilburn, GA
  • Have always used CPA. — Pam P., Downers Grove, IL
  • We always wanted everything done right and for that, it was important to trust a professional. I wouldn’t want our accountant making his own glasses. We don’t want to make a mistake filing our taxes. — Harris D., Scarsdale, NY
  • I am a control freak but I can’t know everything about everything so I had to turn it over and it has made my life so much easier. — Laura M., Austin, TX
  • We like to ensure that it is done correctly. — Sophia P., Huntley, IL
  • I know glasses. They know taxes. I do most of my own bookkeeping including payroll but leave the big stuff to them. Quarterly tax reports and returns. — Annette P., Allen Park, MI
  • Always used a CPA. Can’t imagine going through the complexities on my own! Plus, I make more money if I’m working. — Dave S., San Luis Obispo, CA
  • My CPA is a professional. She is beautiful, sexy and an all-around awesome woman… she’s my wife. — Ron C., The Villages, FL
  • Although much of the day-to-day accounting we do in house we use a CPA for filing. This makes him available to us throughout the year for advice. With the tax climate the way it is, having it done professionally gives just a little more piece of mind. A good CPA will pay for themselves in tax savings. — Zachary D., Saint Peter, MN
  • Our CPA knows his stuff and specializes in optometrists. He does numbers, we do eyes. — Melanie J., Spring Hill, TN
  • Yes, our current CPA is a lifesaver and helps us save money that we didn’t even know was possible. — Travis L., Logan, UT
  • Just way to many rules and changes, we don’t want to miss anything and then deal with an audit down the road. — Susan K., Phoenix, AZ
  • I started from day one using a CPA. It’s easier to go in clean than to pick up bad habits along the way only to pay extra fees to the CPA to clean up the books. — Ben T., Miami, FL

No: 7%

  • I have a business degree so I feel pretty confident in my abilities to handle my financials but with the changes in the tax laws, I will need to consult a financial professional in the future. — Sonja F., Austin, TX



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