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How Increasing Colorways Can Increase Sales

Being thoughtful about strategically choosing what is showcased on your optical retail displays will show a massive improvement in your overall sales.




THE BUSTLING SOUNDS of downtown fade into the background as you step into your favorite store to find the perfect item. You instantly are hit with the smell of all of the perfumes that were being sampled in the last hour as you look around to get your bearings on which door you have come through. You are alone, but still point when you spot your section in the distance. You begin looking for the certain look you have in mind. Your eyes light up when you find it. You can hardly contain your excitement that you got lucky enough to find the perfect one. Exactly what you wanted. Then it happened!

“No way!” you find yourself saying out loud trying not to scream, “They have it in the perfect sage green too?”

How many times has this happened? You have been looking for just the right item and then are thrilled to see other color options! Now I ask, what if the store had not had the other option there for you to discover? Or what if instead, there was an associate following you around the store and as you picked up the first one they said, “Oh that’s a popular one. It comes in green too.” Doesn’t quite have the same pizazz does it? And just green? The perfect sage green and “just green” are two very different things.

Do you have different colorways of the same styles in your frame displays?

Maybe you rely on the fact that you can tell your patient the different color options. How often does your team actually state the color options? Every time or only when a patient asks? Or you are one of those opticals that has the iPad on-hand to show different color options, or worse even, frame books to show colors.
If you do not have frames in multiple colors on-hand on the board, it lacks the pizazz. I understand the dilemma. If we only have an allotment of 30 spots for a brand and want two colors each that will take the 30 individual styles down to only 15 unique styles. There is a tradeoff whether to have more styles to choose from displayed in only one color, or more colorway options with half the amount of styles to choose from.

From the data we have collected from our FrameTurn members, I can tell you confidently that there is a solution, and it has proven to increase sales in the optical time and time again! Simply look in your optical sales and identify the A-styles. Choose the three of the hottest selling A-styles in each brand you carry. Then with each of those A-styles go two to three colors deep in your displays. Then the remaining board space allotment that you have for the brand will be occupied by solo colored frame styles.


Having multiple colorways displayed of your A-Styles will do two fabulous things:

  • It will allow for you to never be without that style again while you are waiting for a reorder because you will have the other colorways still on display. You’re more likely to be able to sell a style if it is actually there to sell.
  • It allows your shoppers to be able to see another colorway on their face and have that, “No way! It comes in ____!” moment.

Don’t make the mistake of limited choices leaving your team thumbing through frame books or tapping the bookmarked site on the iPad to find color options. Display multiple colorways of your hottest sellers. Strategically choosing what is showcased on your optical retail displays will show a massive improvement in your overall sales.



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