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How to Sell Glasses to Patients with Ultimate Confidence When You’re NOT a “Salesperson”

Easy tips for how you can significantly increase sales while ensuring that patients leave with eyewear that meets their highest expectations.




SELLING GLASSES TO patients isn’t just about the product; it’s an art that combines an understanding of human psychology with expert optical knowledge. When you harness the psychology of sales, you can create a more compelling and persuasive sales experience for your patients, ultimately leading to increased sales and more satisfied patients. All of this may sound complicated but great news! All it takes is a slight adaptation to the skills you are already using in your daily interactions with patients.

Establishing Trust and Connection. The foundation of any successful sale begins with trust and rapport. Patients are more likely to make a purchase when they feel a genuine connection with their optical provider. To establish this trust, take the time to actively listen to their concerns, answer questions, and provide expert guidance. In our field, we really pride ourselves on creating that strong relationship with our patients. Having a unique perspective in the industry, I have heard an overwhelming number of Spexy members report concern about patient changes. When it comes to connecting with patients, many tenured opticians are noticing a change in patient behavior. Today’s patients seem increasingly disinterested in forming a relationship. Break down this connection barrier by asking the distant patient sincere questions, actively listen to their needs and concerns, demonstrate empathy, and of course show genuine interest in getting them the clearest vision possible. When patients believe that you have their best interests at heart, they become more receptive to your recommendations.

The Power of Authority. The patient is coming to your optical to seek the expertise of your team. Many times the opticians find themselves in a situation where the patient is finished visiting with the doctor and once in the optical, it feels as if the opticians are meekly asking the patient how they feel about glasses. With all respect, knock that crap off right now! As opticians you are experts in the skills of creating glasses. You understand the concepts of what makes for a great eyewear experience for the patient. How glasses fit, the material the frame is composed of, how the frame sits on the face all influence the clarity of the lenses, as does what the lenses should be made of and where they should be placed within the frame to get the patient the ultimate clarity. Take authority in your vast understanding of optics. When the patient is with you in the optical, let them know, “After reviewing your prescription I am going to be able to get you the very clearest vision, the only thing to do now is decide what frame you would like the lenses in.”

Handling Objections Effectively. Expect objections from patients. These can range from price concerns to questioning the ability of buying online. Instead of dismissing them, acknowledge these concerns. Address the patient with empathy, ask clarification questions and provide solutions. For more tips on verbiage to use during objections, follow the QR code.

Selling glasses to patients is an art that involves mastering the psychology of sales. By building trust, leveraging your authority in optics, and properly handling objections, you can significantly increase sales while ensuring that patients leave with eyewear that meets their highest expectations. By aligning your daily patient interactions this way, you can achieve both sales success and long-term customer loyalty.




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