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Nunchucks, Technology and Apps, and IPL Are Just a Few of the New Skills ECPs Learned in the Last Year

buzz session: Kudos! From soft skills to hard ones, you all ended the year off more skilled than when you started.




What new skill did you learn last year?

  • I upped my card magic skills. — Marc U., Pine Beach, NJ
  • Nunchuck skills. — Tory M., Dumas, TX
  • How to field a ground ball more cleanly. Serious. — Rick R., Girard, PA
  • I learned to use Canva by binging on instructional YouTube videos. — Vlad C., Hackensack, NJ
  • Humility. — Cindy H., Chattanooga, TN
  • I learned how to better control my ambition. Sometimes, I get an idea, and I just run with it. I was able to think things through, plan, and execute with far better results last year. — Justin T., Pittsfield, MA
  • Patience. — Ken W., Livingston, NJ
  • How to manage an office relocation and a buildout. — Kevin C., Glenview, IL
  • Helping in optical, learning about optics, taking PD measurements! — Deb J., Bismarck, ND
  • How to create a QR code. — Lisa S., Vancouver, WA
  • How to overextend myself. This year I’m learning how to say “No.” — Blake H., Alma, GA
  • Software to manage multiple social media platforms in our marketing program. — Scott M., Christiansburg and Salem, VA
  • We started tele-health exams. — Verbelee N., Orlando, FL
  • How to be a grandma. — Jennifer L., Dansville, NY
  • Marketing. — Jennifer Y., Canandaigua, NY
  • Last year was a year of growth for our business. Not only did we sell far more glasses and see more patients for exams than previous years, but our team also grew. So last year, I learned how to manage a larger group of personalities and deal with a higher volume of patients. — Maggie C., Winston Salem, NC
  • Making more use of my iPhone 14. — Texas S., Citrus Heights, CA
  • Rewiring an exam room and digital phoropter by running wires through walls. — Jason K., Phoenix, AZ
  • IPL. — Kathryn C., Lititz, PA
  • IPL. — James W., Lilburn, GA
  • I learned how to mount a Cartier drill mount. Let’s just say … it was not fun! Who designed those anyway?! — Morgan D., Carmi, IL
  • Better time management. — Ann-Marie W., Lewis Center, OH
  • I learned how to use a radiuscope for RGP lenses. — Nick S., Frisco, TX
  • Constantly learning new ways to do things on our EMR. — Pam P., Downers Grove, IL
  • Nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills – Napoleon Dynamite. — Mark P., Orlando, FL
  • Becoming a grandpa! — Scott K., Dover, OH
  • Fitting specialty contact lenses. — Cynthia S., Lewis Center, OH
  • How to get up early! As a night owl, I’ve always wanted to shift my schedule a bit. Apparently, the key is to upgrade to a wayyyyy too expensive gym class and suddenly that alarm clock doesn’t get snoozed in the morning! — Jen H., Sandpoint, ID
  • Driving a boat. — Laura M., Austin, TX
  • How to slow down and how to be more humble. — Geoff G., Lake Country, BC
  • How to better sell upgrades. — Sophia P., Huntley, IL
  • I am still learning how to use Instagram. I am a boomer. — Annette P., Allen Park, MI
  • Using a different EHR system. — Jeff G., Spring Valley, CA
  • I’m learning to remember (almost) everyone is a human. — Steve B., Milwaukee, WI
  • How to actually comprehend what the patient is saying. Not just listening, or hearing, but understanding. Sounds silly, but I never realized I did not already do that. — Dorothy R., Fairfield, CT
  • I have become better at not sweating the small stuff. — Zachary D., Saint Peter, MN
  • I dove deeper into 3D design and CAD/CAM work than I had before to help in making more complex frame ideas come to life. — Travis L., Logan, UT
  • Running the new Santinelli edger. — Robert L., Jefferson City, MO
  • I learned how to credential doctors for our practice. — Susan K., Phoenix, AZ
  • Leadership and communication, culture and team building. — Ben T., Miami, FL

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