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Stop Your Patients From Cheating With Online Opticals!

With these 3 ways to make your selection easier to love.




OMG HERE HE COMES! It’s been over a year since the last time I saw him,” I thought as I replayed the way he smiled at me after the amazing re-introduction we shared. This cannot be more perfect! I don’t recall exactly what I said but he followed me closely as I led him to my favorite spot in the optical. I turned, we locked eyes as I grinned and said, “I am so excited to show you this!” His expression changed as I held them out for his approval.

“Oh, I thought they told you.” My heart dropped. I didn’t want to believe that he would end up being just like the rest of them. “My buddy introduced me to a really cool pair. I’d never seen anything like ’em! So I just bought glasses online.”

Whether you’ve had a long relationship with a patient or this is your first-time meeting, when they leave to go elsewhere it feels like cheating. It’s not like we can force them to buy from us. But… is there some part we can control?

Let’s reflect on a romantic relationship. I can’t force someone to fall in love with me, but I can make myself easier to love. Recalling years with my genius relationship therapist: being happy with myself, presenting myself in a way that makes me proud, yadda yadda yadda…
How can you make your optical easier to love?

One major trap that many opticals fall into is having a frame selection that all looks the same. Let’s be honest, the ads for those “other” opticals are sexy, fresh, and very fashion-forward. While most independent opticals end up looking like a sea of carbon copied lackluster frames.


Stop making it about you. Opticals have a style that reflects their frame buyer. No matter if the buyer has a flare of creative style or a dismal idea of fashion, the optical will greatly reflect that frame buyer’s taste. For those who don’t like forfeiting the power of buying, listen up: Your optical will sell more frames if you involve your team in the selection process every time you are ordering new styles!

For a video on proven tips on involving the team and holding them accountable, scan the QR code.

Keep your top selling styles there. Excuses of waiting to reorder frames to save on shipping or to accumulate enough for a bulk discount is simply bad business. Your top sellers are your top sellers for a reason, and if they are not there to sell, what is? Yes, the leftovers, the less exciting stuff, the B styles. Avoid this by going multiple colors deep in the hottest styles for your office. If for some reason a hot style is sold out, order it immediately.

Test your selection. Gather your team for an exercise on selection. Ask each team member to bring back a high-end frame and a more budget conscious frame for each scenario. Give detailed scenarios like, “I am a 46-year-old, petite woman, who dresses simply but wants some color in my frame.” See what your team comes back with. Bonus points if they can tell you why the more expensive option is great for the patient in each scenario.

We all dream of the patient who is unwaveringly committed, and fear those who are easily lured away. The problem is believing you have no control over whether this happens. You can’t force a patient to stay, but you sure can make yourself a whole lot easier to fall in love with.




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