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Making Patients Feel 10% Better and More Tips for October

Like implementing the Rule of Three and capturing all your story-worthy moments.






Summer and winter get the headlines, spring the love, but it’s fall we should be showing the warmth, says Star Taylor of Richens Eye Center, St. George, UT. “I love fall… a cozy time of year. A great time to add a hot cocoa bar, treat staff to a meal during work, and spread kindness.”

ENGAGEMENTMake a Connection

Our brains have evolved to excel at interacting with other humans, so we’re most fulfilled when we do. It’s why the more tech colonizes the world, the more important it is to add human touches to your operation, says business author Seth Godin. He cites the case of an ophthalmologist’s receptionist. “Can you figure out how to take the patient who just came in or is on their way out, and make them feel 10% better by saying something, doing something, interacting with them. Not because it’s in the manual, but because you see a way to connect to another person.” It’s the sort of action that will allow your business to truly stand out, he says.

HIRINGExperience ≠ Performance

When hiring, don’t mistake experience for past performance. Setting requirements like “3-5 years of experience in a retail setting” is no guarantee of landing yourself a solid hire. The data is clear, says behavioral psychologist Adam Grant. “What matters is past performance — and current motivation and ability. It’s how well people can learn to do a job, not how long they’ve already done it.”

LEARNINGRead the Classics

Look for books that stay relevant for 30-plus years says author/venture capitalist Naval Ravikant. “They have stood the test of time for a reason.”

SECURITYBeware Imposters

Beware! That relative, employee or customer on the line asking for financial help may not be who you think they are. According to the Washington Post (, technology is making it easier to convincingly mimic voices. In 2022, impostor scams were the second most popular in the U.S., according to the FTC. If you receive a call requesting money, even if the voice is uncannily familiar, insist on switching to video or put the person on hold and try to dial them yourself.



Each day write down the most “story-worthy” thing that happened. It improves your memory, makes you more grateful and gives you stories to tell, says productivity blogger Colby Kultgen.


Want to improve the productivity of email and avoid flame wars? Use the “Rule of Three,” writes Jim Schleckser in INC: If you can’t resolve something in three emails or less, it’s time to pick up the phone. “I know, it’s old school. But people will often write things in email they would never say to someone in person.”

FINANCESNail Those Deadbeats

If overdue clients are playing hard-to-get, try their home phone just before the final of a big sporting event, a snowstorm, or any occasion when they are likely to be homebound. On the line, assume the role of a friendly adviser. “Gen X is focused on escaping any kind of pain or responsibility,” collection consultant Roger Willis told the New York Times. “You have to sell them on the benefit of taking responsibility and the consequences if they don’t.”


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