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On Humor and More of Your Letters to the Editor for June

“I always love reading about other people’s ‘Funny Business’.”




  • I always love reading about other people’s “Funny Business.” If it wasn’t for the ability to laugh with my patients I wouldn’t be practicing today! — Mark Perry, OD, Vision Health Institute, Orlando, FL
  • Humor is a great way to relax the client and put them at ease. Whenever there is more than one person involved in the frame selection process (spouse, children, siblings, etc…) I usually assign them titles such as bodyguard, fashion consultant, chauffeur, or other nonsensical position, just to acknowledge them. It usually gets a chuckle and they often embrace the title. — John Bruening, Geauga Vision Group, Middlefield, OH
  • You don’t get through this profession without a lot of humor!! — Joey Burnett, Joey’s Optical, Marshfield, WI
  • Humor makes the world bearable. Too much can make it unbearable. So tempered is the key! Did you hear the one about the shortsighted optician?… — Chris A. Clark, Advanced Eye Care, Panama City, FL
  • Make sure to be humble enough to poke fun at yourself; it’s OK to not be good at everything. I allow myself to make fun of myself, and my whole team giggles along with me, and we all feel safe. — Katie Kelly, Ochsner Vision Center, New Orleans, LA
  • Humor in promoting our practice has been received well. Our patients like to see our personality and they tell others! In office rapport with patients is serious when we are discussing eye health or explaining things to them, but patients are comfortable joking and talking with us when the serious portion of their visit is over. — Pam Peters, Midwest Eye, Downers Grove, IL





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