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The Days Are Long But 2020 Is Even Longer

Dee says “Thank You, Next” to 2020.




WHOEVER SAID “THE days are long but the years are short” clearly hadn’t lived through 2020, when the long days were surpassed only by just how long the year felt.

I am writing this note to you on Nov. 7, 2020. As is usual, it is the last thing I do before we send an issue to the printer and after I’ve read through most of the pages to get a feel for how the whole thing will coalesce together. But between us laying out our Big Survey Big Story — where we asked readers who they would be voting for in 2020 — and the writing of this letter, the citizens of the United States of America voted to oust Donald Trump as President and elected Joseph Biden to replace him. I know from the results of that survey that this was not the outcome many INVISION readers had hoped for.

My job as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine is not to push my own agenda or elevate only the voices I personally agree with. It’s to share the success stories of independent eyecare businesses — and how they did it — so as to help other eyecare businesses learn new ideas and approaches to find their own success. It is a “high tide raises all ships” approach I take very seriously. Strong independent eyecare businesses strengthen all independent eyecare business. You have taken a hit this year and I fear many of you will feel this change in national leadership as another blow.

Time will tell if President Biden is good to his word, and the platform that led to his victory, and works to unite the divide in this country … and evidently among INVISION’s readers. If he is, I can only see that as a good thing.

While we once again take up the mantle of waiting to see what comes next, I revert to my old standby — humor — to fill the time. Your political views were but a fraction of the questions we asked in our Big Survey. Go dig deep into that data (starting on page 28) and you’ll also learn what Senior Superlatives some of you claimed in high school and what brand you’d be if you were an eyewear brand. No doubt, you’ll finish those 12 pages having chuckled once or twice.

This is our last issue of 2020, so my wish for you and your business is that you finish it strong and welcome 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future.


Until next year,

The Days Are Long But 2020 Is Even Longer

The Days Are Long But 2020 Is Even Longer

The Days Are Long But 2020 Is Even Longer

Five Smart Tips From This Issue

  1. With the highest voting numbers ever recorded, your customers are primed to have their voices heard. Have you considered an Instagram poll? (Monthly Project, page 18)
  2. Did anyone else watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix? See the machines already running the show in eyecare. (Better Vision, page 24)
  3. Since politics is top of mind, do you know the concerns of your constituents? Take a page out of Chuck Schumer’s book and make up some advisors. (Tip Sheet, page 48)
  4. Returning to the evils of social media… we have six eyecare businesses who have harnessed the power of Facebook for good. (Benchmarks, page 58)
  5. Remember that humor? Check out the very timely ECPs Tell Jokes. (Buzz Session, page 62)


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