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Workplace Show and Tell and More Events for the Rollover into a New Year

Including celebrating safe toys and celebrations.




Workplace Show and Tell and More Events for the Rollover into a New Year


1 Wondering what to say to grown-ups who buy their children crossbows for Christmas? Roughly 1 in 10 children’s eye injuries treated in the ER are caused by toys. In support of SAFE TOYS AND CELEBRATIONS MONTH, help the American Academy of Ophthalmology get the word out to parents to be prudent when choosing holiday gifts for their young’uns. And also to take note of another seasonal projectile that causes a lot of damage — champagne corks.

24 CHRISTMAS EVE! Bring life to your window displays this holiday season. Literally. A few years ago, Specs Around Town in Bloomington, IL, invited clients to come in their pajamas and slippers to read The Night Before Christmas in its front window case. “We had lots of hot chocolate and adult beverages to keep the fun flowing. Selling eyewear to people in their pajamas is a blast,” recalled owner Julie Kubsch.


7 THE GOLDEN GLOBES kick off red carpet season and designer sunwear will once again take center stage. All hands to your Instagram!

8 SHOW AND TELL DAY AT WORK. Give your staff an assignment: pick out a pair of their favorite frames (or suns)and explain to everyone what design elements make them so cool.





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