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Yay for Moms! and More May Events

Send the moms amongst your patients flowers or a small gift.




Yay for Moms! and More May Events


1 Elsewhere, the proletariat may be standing shoulder-to-shoulder on MAY DAY, but in the good ol’ U.S. of A., that’s not considered politically correct. In place of class struggle, tell your staff you’re basically one of them — just another aspiring Joe — and you want to hear what can be done to make your store a better place to work. Ask them to suggest three small things each that would make their working days more pleasant.

1 When you think seniors you probably don’t think baby boomers, but that’s increasingly who they are. For OLDER AMERICANS MONTH, reach out with… a tie-in for Bob Dylan’s birthday (May 24)?

6 SCHOOL NURSE DAY. Bring a goodie bag to local school nurses with business cards, supplies and advice. Or invite them to your office for a talk on a useful topic like conjunctivitis or vision therapy.

13 On MOTHER’S DAY the onus is on you to repay some of that maternal love. Give your mom patients flowers or a small gift. Or pair up with a local salon to give a lucky mom a makeover. In addition to the million other things they do, moms typically make their families’ eye health decisions.





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