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It’s Football Season … Do You Know Your Patient’s Teams? And More Tips for November

Like when was the last time you turned off your phone? Guarantee you’re overdue.




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SERVICEStart on High Ground

Get staff involved in a good community deed at this time of year; it will get them in the right spirit to carry them through the hectic holiday season. It’s become a tradition at Kissel Eye Care in Lititz, PA. “We usually pick a charity like a dog rescue or food bank and have patients bring in donations for a percent off eyewear,” says owner Dr. Kathryn Collins.

INVENTORYShow Your Colors

Never underestimate people’s attachment to their cleaning cloths. At Spring Hill Eyecare in Spring Hill, TN, they change them up seasonally. “Being in the South, college football is king and a great optician knows their patients’ teams. We keep the big schools’ colors cleaning cloths in stock,” notes Amie Robinson, the practice’s optical manager.


MANAGEMENTFind the Balance

Being a successful optician requires two skills that often aren’t complementary: the solitary focus and skills of a technician and salesmanship. ECPs who are heavily task-focused — that is, love to play with lenses and equipment — don’t tend to be great at relationships. Yet those with a bias for human contact often have a tough time getting things done. Neither inclination makes for a good business, says David Peck, head of business coaching service Leadership Unleashed. “Locate your bias and then challenge yourself to try more of the other — when you do, you will likely discover new ways to lead your small business,” he says.

HIRINGAdded Digital Value

The modern sales funnel where customers begin their shopping journey online demands a tweaked approach to marketing and hiring, says Shane O’Neill, vice president of Fruchtman Marketing. Millennials started turning 40 this year and are fully entrenched in the workplace. Gen Z, who are digital natives, aren’t far behind; the oldest have entered their 20s. “That means if you’re hiring a salesperson, there’s a high probability he or she will come with the digital savvy you need,” he said at a recent SmartWork Media Live event. O’Neill recommends you search for skills, like photography and image manipulation, which bring added value, while interviewing. Then codify that social sales techniques are part of the job from the beginning.

MANAGEMENTSome Friendly Advice

Jobs are meant to be about money, status, and purpose. Right? Yes, but don’t overlook friendship, says economist and author Noreena Hertz. In her recently published book, The Lonely Century, she says “the single biggest determinant as to whether someone is productive is whether they have a friend at work.” Don’t let anyone feel left out or ignored.


SECURITY Reboot Your Phone

Here’s a new weekly habit for you: Turn your phone off at least once. That’s part of the National Security Agency’s recently released “best practices” guide for mobile device security. While it won’t stop a sophisticated hacker, it will make them work harder to maintain access and steal data. “This is all about imposing cost on these malicious actors,” Neal Ziring, technical director of the NSA’s cybersecurity directorate, told AP. The reason is that the latest malicious software typically targets your phone’s root file system. But the newest phones can detect and block such malware during a reboot. Yet so few people ever turn their phones off.



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