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Manager's To-Do

Take a Break and More Manager’s to Dos for August and September

But also be sure to check staff’s PTO balances before the holiday crush.





July 31-Aug. 6

MANAGEMENT Plan a break in August. You likely need it; plus it will stop you from over-ordering during this slow period, says Steve Nelson, owner of Eye Candy Optical in Westlake, OH.

Aug. 7-13

E-COMMERCE Can’t afford a tailor-made e-commerce website? Do some research into a plug-and-play set-up like My Frame Gallery or Optify Online to cater to the online buying habits of Gen Y and Gen Z.

Aug. 14-20

maintenance It’s time to clean off the dust and grime on your building exterior, says William Chancellor of Best Chance Optical in Forsyth, GA. “Doing this once every three months will enhance the storefront appeal.”


Aug. 21-27

MARKETING Your back-to-school promotions should be in full swing. Ramp things up with reminders on social media, phone calls, emails and texts to clients with children. Send educational posters to local pediatricians and school nurses.

Aug. 28-Sep. 3

MARKETING Have a pro (or talented amateur) take photos of your store and team. These valuable marketing tools can be used at trade shows, dealing with local press, or even entering your store in next year’s “America’s Finest Optical Retailers” contest.

Sep. 4-10

STAFF Check all your employees’ vacation balances and update them “on how much PTO they need to use before January so it doesn’t get too chaotic in December,” advises Katelyn McDowall at Northside Vision Center in Spokane, WA.

Sep. 11-17

MANAGEMENT If you’re in Vegas for VEW this week, call up your local pizzeria and order a few deluxe 14-inchers for your staff back in the store. They think you’re living it up. That may be far from the truth but let them know you’re thinking about them.


Sep. 18-24

ONLINE See what it would take to sell digital gift cards from your website. They get more popular each year and young consumers don’t seem to have any issue with “unimaginative presents.”

Sep. 25-Oct. 1

SALES In this critical sales period, set point-earning targets (multiple pairs, frames of a specific color). At month’s end, tally up the points and award prizes.


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