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Manager's To-Do

Never a Better Time to Conduct Inventory and More Manager’s To Dos for June

Attending VEE or not, determine your winners and loser and a plan for summer sales.




Never a Better Time to Conduct Inventory and More Manager’s To Dos for June

May 30-Jun. 5

MARKETING Ramp up your blogging. Comment on what’s new at Vision Expo East (June 2-5) and what has people buzzing. (If you need a little inspiration, check each morning).

STAFF Set a summer work schedule. Is now the best time for staff to take their break?

Jun. 6-Jun. 12

MERCHANDISING If you went to VEE, go through orders with staff. Develop a launch plan and schedule training sessions.

MANAGEMENT On your business card, change your title to something fun like “Visionary in Charge.” You want customers to show it to others.


Jun. 13-19

OPERATIONS Let’s get organized. Discard one item for every year you’ve worked at your store — documents you’re never going to read or need, old trade show swag, items gathering dust …

INVENTORY Digital systems have improved lab invoicing, but mistakes happen. Institute a daily check for invoicing errors.

Jun. 20-Jun. 26

MARKETING If you ordered dazzling high-end eyewear recently, plan a special invitation-only frame reveal for your VIP clients (the collectors and big spenders … ) Cater it and have small give-away bags for each attendee. Even if you don’t sell much, it’s important to show your whales you appreciate them.

MANAGEMENT Creating a risk management plan is more than low insurance rates. Avoiding potential claims, via say a healthy workforce, is the biggest step you can take to keep your risks (and costs) down. The Small Business Administration has a helpful guide:

Jun. 27-Jul. 3

SALES Write your scripts and rehearse them on your own time! Are you hitting all of your key points with your patients?

WEBSITE Does your website have a favicon — the little icon that appears next to the URL in a browser? It’s easy to do. Create your 16 x 16 pixel square masterpiece, name it favicon.ico, and place in your Web server directory. Bam! You look better already!

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